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Pause Ponder and Pun

Well, we've recovered from our celebrations from last week marking the 50th anniversary of our little caption contest and we're all set to carry on.

Here's this week's pic. Let's see you wrestle with a caption.

See you Saturday with our winners.


Moooooog35 said…
The race was too close to call when, suddenly and without warning, Kato ate his horse.
00dozo said…
As a demonstration sport for the 2016 Olympics, here we see the new combined event of steeplechase for sushi.
renalfailure said…
Nakamura prepares to activate his wasabi-powered nitro booster. Seven horses and their jockeys will die instantly.
Anonymous said…
Samurai Air Polo...Hai-Ya!
Don said…
If I can't out run them, then I'll gas them!
Beau Horner said…
Beau Horner said…
Professional racing horse - $38,000
Hiring ninjas to assassinate original jockey - $12,000
Articulate schematics for optimal physics - $85
Large bowl of spicy udon noodles - $8.99

Watching the result after weeks of preparation just to see E. Honda fart on a horse ---------- priceless
Tgoette said…
The horses drew straws for which jockey they got to have. Today just wasn't #14 Storm Chaser's day.
00dozo said…
"And it's Igor in the lead, with Julia a close second, followed by ... Oh, wait! Karl has veered way westward and has taken himself out of the race! Oh, race fans what a day it has been in the Hurricane Triple Crown!"

(yeah, yeah ...I'm obsessed.)
Somewhere, there's a 90 pound guy preparing to wrestle someone four times his size.
K A B L O O E Y said…
When the Oshima stable recruited the dim-witted, yet enthusiastic new sumo trainee, it didn't occur to the hefty lad that he'd wandered into the wrong type of stable. Poor Akinori is about to massively lose face when he discovers his mistake.
Ziva said…
With the economy and job market as it is, Hiroto had to take the first available job he could find. Coincidentally, later that day horse # 14 realized that being unemployed wasn't all that bad after all.
Todd Graham said…
The Olympic Organizing Committee has approved Thoroughbred-Sumo racing for the London Olympics

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