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This Poem's A Bit Of A Stretch

When my wife is really tired
She likes to bitch and kvetch
Then she'll take a big, deep breath
And her arms and legs she'll stretch.

Me? I may be at a baseball game
In the middle of the 7th inning
I sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"
No matter who is winning

Or it may be while I'm driving
I'll give the wheel a tug
And pull over to the road side
And stretch, there in my Bug.

I'm not the only one who does this
It's done by cats and dogs
You may be surprised to learn
It's even done by frogs.

But there's one kind of stretching
That I think is simply wrong
It makes me think I'd hate to be
The latest version of Stretch Armstrong.

Well, if you haven't guessed by now, the prompt was "stretch" over at Theme Thursday this week. 


Anonymous said…
Your, ahem, "wife" looks like she's got a back breaking job. Yikes! - G
Great poem, NoName. And may I say that your wife is lovely. And flexible. Very flexible. Unusually flexible. Attractively flexible.

Sorry, I got a little distracted. Women who can rest their calves on their shoulders do that to me.
nonamedufus said…
G: Yes, but I'm more than happy to massage my, ahem, "wife's" aches and pains away.
nonamedufus said…
Mike: Oh, it was her flexibility I fell in love with. Me, I can't even touch my toe to my nose.
Don said…
Now that's a real stretch!
nonamedufus said…
Don: Not sure I'd want to be Mr. Armstrong right about now.
Anonymous said…
Now the VW stretch is a stretch vehicle that is NOT annoying.

My biggest stretch Peeve? The Stretch Hummer.

Talk about overkill!

I think you stretched some creativity muscles with this post! Good job!
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: Yeah, like the Hummer wasn't big enough already?

You know what I forgot. How happy I am some days for stretch pants!
00dozo said…
You really took the Theme for a real stretch, and then some. (I'm still giggling at Armstrong).
nonamedufus said…
00dozo: Ah, hahaha, yes I did. Yeah, you know it took me a minute to realize what was happening in that Armstrong pic when I first saw it. And then...ewww.
Nice work. But Stretch Armstrong is in serious trouble.
nonamedufus said…
Chris: I think he can give up hope on ever having children.
wineonlips said…
Ha! This is priceless:)))
nonamedufus said…
wineonlips: My work here is done.
CatLadyLarew said…
Whoa! That Stretch Armstrong is really hung! Who knew?
nonamedufus said…
CL:I think he's more tugged than hung. I guess now we know why they call him "Stretch".

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