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Pause Ponder and Pun

Another Wednesday, another picture of silly women in odd clothes, hanging out together. And I don't think it's a Tupperware party.

So you tell me what you think's going on here.

Don't "waist" a minute.

We'll see you back here Saturday.

Bye for now.


00dozo said…
Aspiring supermodels of the 1930's.
00dozo said…
The inspiration for Jello's 'jiggle and wiggle' advertising campaign.
Quirkyloon said…
Hey what's up with the pizza spam?

hee hee

Is that spam pizza? Ha!

"You put the wiggle here, you put the jiggle out, you put the wiggle and it gets shaken all about! You do the Jiggle Pokey and it turns you all around...that's what it's all about! clap, clap"

hee hee
Aspiring inventor Jeff Fitzsimmons lost several thousand dollars trying to market his "Tandem Bungee Belt."
renalfailure said…
Penny Marshall cut this scene out of A League of Their Own for reasons that are all too obvious...
Don said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Don said…
Getting ready to shoot the original chariot race scene in the movie Ben Hur.
Canadian Blend said…
I've no idea what's going on, but a friend of mine had one of those gizmos in college (c. 1982). As I recall it made a lot of noise and made her hard to understand when she tried to talk while using it.
Don said…
A group of ladies doing their belly exercises on a machine that was common in it's time for "reducing body fat" by vibration. Didn't do much though, but was a big fad for a while.
Tgoette said…
A scene from the Adult Diaper testing lab.
For some reason I keep thinking of vibrators when I see that photo. So in order to keep your blog's G-rating intact, maybe I shouldn't play along today. - G
Leeuna said…
"The FDA recently approved the use of the belt sander as a tool for waist reduction. Side effects may include blood and tissue loss and extreme pain. May cause scarring."
Ziva said…
Ladies syncronized bondage - it's all in the matching outfits.

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