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Pause Ponder and Pun #53

Did you ever notice that the practice of civil debate is a lost art?


That's my view anyway.

What's yours?

Leave your caption and I'll fight my way through them before Saturday and declare a winner.


Mike LaScala could not resist the urge to crowd ride during the Beastie Boys concert at the Paramus, New Jersey Convention Center.
Why does this make me think of ancient Rome?
Don said…
I want my quarter back! That's my quarter dammit! I was saving that for the bathroom. Now give it here you thief!
Quirkyloon said…
The Congressional Mosh Pit. Everybody was mosh pit fighting!
renalfailure said…
And just when H.R. 1322 was about to come up for a vote... FUMBLE!!!
00dozo said…
Fifteen minutes into a Democratic filibuster, Glenn Beck turns into a brain-eating zombie.
00dozo said…
The result of the House of Commons decision to implement back-bencher bouncers during 'Question Period'.
Nicky said…
And then Borat and the fat guy started wrestling like this, see...
vickilikesfrogs said…
Bwahaha, I have nothing at all I can add to these awesome captions! You guys all rock!

Dufe, you have a blog award waiting for you at Glitter Frog!
injaynesworld said…
Nothing relieves stress like a good game of Twister.
Tgoette said…
Supporters of the gay rights initiative celebrated passage of the bill with a group hug.
LOTGK said…
Dancing With The Stars audience square off with each after boo's for Sarah Palin after her daughter performed.
Whitey said…
Apparently the 54-40 option was voted down.
Please tell me that's not our Parliament. I know we can get pretty rambunkious but not that out of control. Was Rick Mercer there? - G

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