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Mad Mad Margo - Miss Artistic Injustice Fighter

Arrow Slinger


Who the heck are these guys? Well, let me explain.

Over at Humor Festivals R Us Dot Com funny folks continue to blog about injustice throughout the entire month. You might say that instead of doing our own haphazard humour posts, we've decided to just say no to No-vember. You can see what I mean by clicking on that link up there and enjoying all the most recent stories in our Anti-Injustice campaign.

The Screaming Me Me!!

One of our injustice fighters really deserves special mention, and I'm here to toot her horn - in a manner of speaking. Mad Mad Margo over at Screaming Me-Me may have a scary user and blog name but she's got an injustice fighting heart of gold (even though I've yet to win her damn captioning contest). She's also got a knack for design, so much so she won the HBDC blog design of the year award this year. She's also a very funny lady and if you haven't been by her place yet, click on over. Margo's one of my regular commenters at both my humour blog nonamedufus and it's musical companion dufusdownbeat. And her mirthful approach to life comes through in those comments, by design, I'm sure (get it, get it?).

Anyhoo, Margo has put her artistic talents to work and created a video for our campaign. And she designed a character for each and every Humor Blogger member participating in our little caper. Move over X-Men, we are the Anti Injustice Champions - daring to go where no blogger has gone before.

Oh yeah, some of you are aware that I write a 3rd blog - Slings And Arrows - of political satire. As you can see from above, both Arrow Slinger and his alter-ego Dufus are in the video. Where she got the idea for the Dufus character in particular I don't know, but she's absolutely spot on! She's nailed my fair-haired Irish lineage. I particularly like the kilt with the tartan from the House of Noname.

Enjoy...and crank up your speakers!


Don said…
I noticed your "dufus" is wearing a kilt. Must be that like so many women Margo was having fantasies about guys in kilts. Wonder how the rest of you turned out? Love the orange 'fro by the way.
nonamedufus said…
Don: Aye, the orange 'fro takes me back to my Irish roots. Did you notice the size of my "sporran"?
Me-Me King said…

I'm speechless!

Thank you so much for the feature. When you mentioned something last week about a "mention"; well, I never expected this! You are too kind.

Geez, I'm all tingly.

Tomorrow is another day - Caption This!
nonamedufus said…
Me-Me: You're all tingly? I knew I shouldn't have tooted your horn.
Quirkyloon said…
Aw, Noname, you done a great bloggerette justice!

MeMe is a fantastic blogger and incredibly talented at making her vids.

I personally loved the injustice video.

Hooray for MeMe!

word veri: opetato
Moooooog35 said…
You should see what she did with 'Midget Man of Steel.'

It's like Warhol but completely nothing like it.
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: It's an injustice that vid didn't get a wider circulation.
nonamedufus said…
Moooooog: To paraphrase that Wendy's commercial, "Where's the poo?" Oh, yeah, it's mental poo.
ReformingGeek said…
I love that video. Me-Me is very talented!

What an injustice that you have never won the caption contest. Sheesh!
nonamedufus said…
R.G.: That video just blows me away. And on the caption thing...I'll just keep trying.
CatLadyLarew said…
Me-Me's video is awesome! She made us all look so much better than we really are... well, at least she made ME look better! We're so lucky to be in the presence of such genius!

Thanks for giving her the attention she deserves!
nonamedufus said…
Cat Lady: Oh yeah, she made Dufus look a lot better than in real life!

Good of you to catch up with your visiting. How's the job going?
Moooooog35 said…
You should see what she did with 'Midget Man of Steel.'

It's like Warhol but completely nothing like it.

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