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Do We Have a Winner? Well, That Depends

You know, the wrong-righters over at Humor Bloggers Dot Com are fighting injustice this month. How's this for an injustice: there's only one winner in our caption contest. There was no shortage of great captions to toss around, though. And the judges had a tough time wrestling with their decision.

Don pinned down:

The Olympic swim team...see what Jenny Craig can do for you.

Not to be cornered, Knucklehead countered with:

Not too long afterward a fight broke out at the Japanese Village People auditions, amidst screams of "I GET TO BE THE SUMO WRESTLER"

And Haley got a headlock on the competition with:

And with the swimsuit competition finished the judges will now tally the scores and announce the next Mr Newark, NJ 2009

But link-less newcomer ba_hutch went the full 3 rounds with:

To show the world there is no shame in adult incontinence, Huggies recently hosted a huge "Don't Hold Back" conference where they rolled out their new line of sumo-depends. Rumour has it that suspender-depends are not far off...

Congrats be hangin' with Dufus this week!

Speaking of injustuces, hey, look what I got! I won ettarose's "craption" contest last Saturday. You know, of course, ettarose was the one who put the turd in Saturday.

Her pic and my "craption" can be found here. I guess I keep doing something wrong cause ettarose keeps giving me shit. This is the third turd I've won over there. My hardware page is startin' to stink to high heaven. Thanks ettarose! I think we may have started a mutual admiration society here that others may not think is fair. We can call it the "you-me" club. You know, as in-just-us!


Anonymous said…
Suspender Depends? That's right up there with my idea of Depends Thongs!


Congrats to ba-hutch and all the honorable mentions!

word veri: arylsher
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: Sounds like a contradiction in terms to me - Depends Thongs?
ba_hutch said…
Wow! I won?!? I forget was there a cash prize? ... NO? Well, that's OK, I've been wantin' to be hangin' with Nonamedufus so that's cool enough.

(Yes it is true, I am linkless, but you can visit my Dad at Secondary you can see, I am not rootless.)

Anyway, thanks for the great pictures, and I love your HHG2TU "Don't Panic" tag...I have a towel and crackers with me, just in case.
nonamedufus said…
ba_hutch: No dough. You'll just have to bask in the richness associated with hangin' with dufus who, by the way, is big on Douglas Adams, as you've quite correctly observed...
Me-Me King said…
Congratulations to ba-hutch, very funny!

And congrats to you, dufus, for winning a pile of crap.

word veri: bedrole
TheWordWire said…
Well-deserved honor, Ba-Hutch. Huggies should put you on the payroll. Thanks for the most-excellent laugh.
Don said…
Hahaha! Some funny stuff there. Hey, congrats to you too for your super pooper effort in scooping up etta's crappy award.
nonamedufus said…
Me-Me: Hey, I'm proud of my pile of crap!
nonamedufus said…
WordWire: Huggies or Depends.
nonamedufus said…
Don: I've got so much I've got to be careful not to step in it!
ettarose said…
Hey my friend, I would hang with you always, just us two. I am an ass for not getting over here. I should post my own picture and have people call me names. What you think? You are my pal and deserve all the shit I have ever given you. You are welcome.
nonamedufus said…
ettarose: More folks should check out your a manner of speaking.
Knucklehead said…
I happily and humbly accept the honorable mention. Thanks, Dufus!
Knucklehead said…
I happily and humbly accept the honorable mention. Thanks, Dufus!
Anonymous said…
Actually,good post. thx
Quirkyloon said…
Suspender Depends? That's right up there with my idea of Depends Thongs!


Congrats to ba-hutch and all the honorable mentions!

word veri: arylsher

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