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Angel Ayes

We had some great captions this week. It was hard to decide on a winner. For example, I loved Me-Me's caption:

Not only is Melvin wresting with his saint and sinner sides, he's also wrestling with keeping his pants up

Another great line came from last week's winner, moooooog, with:

Geppetto couldn't help but feel deeply disappointed at how his little boy ended up turning out.

But I've got to go with the caption from our latest member of the humour blog Witness Protection Program, DK@Knucklehead who came up with...

As the police report would later reflect, Howard's GPS had inadvertently taken him to Charlotte, North Carolina and their "Dale Earnhardt Jr. Day" parade.

DK...need I say it? You be hanging' with the Dufus. Congratulations man.


Meanwhile, here in Dufus land it was a kinda exciting week. Quirkyloon bestowed upon me her rarely awarded Quombie award for my efforts at Zombie poetry last week. Thanks, Quirks but no, you can't eat my blog brain. As anyone who reads this blog knows there's precious little left up there as it is! Check out this and other awards by visiting my dufushardware page.

And still in the "pat my own back" department nonamedufus squeeked into the Top Ten this week over at Blog Storm and Humor-Blogs Dot Com. Not bad, since there's roughly 2,000 blogs registered over there. My sincerest thanks to those who have helped get me there. Please feel free to visit these sites and rate my blog.

And finally, nonamedufus achieved a minor milestone this week when, on Wednesday, for the first time ever, over 200 people visited this blog in a day. I don't know just where that sits compared to other blogs out there. I know there are many blogs who, through active self-promotion, achieve a lot more visitors. But, hey, for my money I'm thrilled and I want to thank everyone for stopping by, reading, laughing and leaving a comment.
Cheers and thanks!


Anonymous said…
Hey, Mr. Dufus, congratulations on the 200. You deserve it and more...

On the caption: As a Jeff Gordon fan, I love that caption. :)
Congratulations all around! Way to go, Dufus!
Donnie said…
Congrats to DK, but you're raking in a few "awards" too. Congratulations to you too.
Chris said…
Woo hoo . . . I'm on a caption roll this week.

Thanks, Dufus!
surveygirl46 said…
A blog is kind of like your "home" where friends stop by (and spammers are the solictors of course) isn't it? congrats on your blog visitor traffic ! You have a great blog:)
Me-Me King said…
Congrats, Knucklehead!!! You are definitely on a roll.

And congrats to you too, dufus!
nonamedufus said…
UR: Yeah, I don't know what 200 means exactly but it works for me.

CatLady: Well it's due to daily visitors like you CL. Keep coming back, eh?

Don: Remember Sally Fields at the Oscars? Don't wanna go there.

DK: Oh yeah, I was running a contest. This is about you, man. Congratulations.

SG46: Yeah, I like that analogy. Thanks for visiting. Good to see you again.

Me-Me: It was a great caption.
nonamedufus said…
Me-Me: Oh and yours wasn't too shabby. It made an HM!
Congrats on the 200, NoName. And congrats to the very talented, very anonymous DK. You're both winners in my eyes.
nonamedufus said…
MikeWJ: Very kind of you, sir. But I think you may need glasses.
nipsy said…
Whoo hooo I'm doing the *happy dance* for you.. Congratulations, you definitely deserve the awards and traffic..

Loved the captions this week too!!
Megan said…
Now I have to go back and see what you posted on Wednesday. :)

Congrats to you and to the caption winner - brilliant.
nonamedufus said…
Nipsy: Well thanks Nips, I appreciate it.

Megan: I run a capton contest every Wednesday and announce the winner on Saturday.

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