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In The Beginning...

Today some humourous looks at "beginnings" and a look at the beginning of humour...
The Creation Of Humour...The Condensed Version
In the beginning God created the blogger and mirth. The mirth was empty, a formless mass cloaked in silence. And the spirit of George Carlin was hovering over its surface. Then God said, "Let there be laughter," and there was laughter. And God saw that it was good. Then he separated the laughter from the chuckles. God called the laughter "side-splitting" and the chuckles "sputtering and snorting".

That was the first day of humour creation.

On the second day God created the joke.

On the third day God created the hairy dog story, the limmerick and all the one-liners

On the fourth day God created the blonde joke, the Polish joke and the Newfie joke

On the fifth day God created comics, humourists and other joke tellers

On the sixth day God created all the humour bloggers and their followers

On the seventh day God jested.
How This Argument Began

Why God Created The Stupid Wife

A man was wandering around in a field, thinking about how good his wife had been to him and how fortunate he was to have her. He asked God, "Why did you make her so kind-hearted?" The Lord responded, "So you could love her, my son." "Why did you make her so good-looking?" "So you could love her, my son." "Why did you make her such a good cook?" "So you could love her, my son."

The man thought about this. Then he said, "I don't mean to seem ungrateful or anything, but ... why did you make her so stupid?" "So she could love you, my son."

Drop by Theme Thursday today for more "beginnings".


This re-write sounds much better to me!
Baino said…
Far more plausible than the original but you haven't answered the question. Which did come first?
I'm definitely going to tell this to my Sunday school class. So they can love me.
Anonymous said…
Oh this is too good! Well done, noname. I am one with the limerick :)
Unknown said…
I enjoyed this post immensley.. especially the checkien and egg ones..

The last joke.. isn't really a joke; this issomething women are BORN knowing!
Alan Burnett said…
Its good to have a bit of humour in place of all that searching for the beginning of the meaning of life stuff.
Donnie said…
Nicely done! Although I'm not so sure that the joke is actually a joke. That seems to be the case with a lot of great looking, intelligent women. Go figure...!
Brian Miller said…
ha. love the creation of humor...he jested...maybe when he made a couple of the animals...
Anonymous said…
Creation of humor? That was brilliant Noname! I loved it!

nonamedufus said…
Harnett-Hargrove: It's a bit of an improvement.

Baino: Ah, there's always two views to everything.

CatLady: Ha ha, okay.

subtorp77: Glad you enjoyed it.

dizzblnd: Yeah they cracked me up too.

Alan: That's my approach.

Don: Thay just make us think we're smarter. They're pretty good at it, too.

Brian: Yeah, God has a pretty good sense of humour.

Quirks: It was fun to write. Hey, I was working with some great original material!
Anonymous said…
I hate that damn 4th day!
nonamedufus said…
thinkinfyou: You're Polish!?!?
Unknown said…
Carlin is superb, and I reckon you've got the rest pretty close ...
Yodi Insigne said…
this one brighten up my boring morning,
I love that chicken married to an egg...
In my version of the humor creation story, God specifically created the chicken joke on the second day. Probably due a problem with the translation or something. I'm a strict adherent of the Kentucky Chicken Version (KCV). (In case you're curious, here's my take on the chicken joke:

Great post, noname!
Dreamhaven said…
Too funny for words. Great medicine
Coffee Messiah said…
Nicely done and creative 2 ; )
nonamedufus said…
Wings: *snort* *snort*

Chris Wood: Long time no comment! Carlin's a master.

Yodz: My work here is done.

MikeWJ: Glad you liked it. I'll have to check yours out.

Dreamhaven: Glad I made you laugh. Mission accomplished.

Coffee Messiah: Thank you, thank you.
nonamedufus said…
MikeWJ: (UPDATE) I read your post and it cracked me up. However the "Which came first" question remains unanswered. Unless of course the chicken crossed the road to get to the egg, who crossed first!

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