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Sunday Funnies

It was quite the week on the geopolitical front last week with Iranian President Iamanutjob speaking at the United Nations. Boy he sure stirred things up and many nations walked out on his speech in boycott. President Obama addressed the international forum too but not before a blitz of the media capital of New York in an effort to preach the good word about his health care reforms. In a somewhat muted development Diebold announced they were getting out of the vote counting business. And the editorial cartoonists, bless their hearts, caught it all...


Unknown said…
that nutjob is a psycho! I couldn't believe his "speech" and how long they let him rant like that. I love the first pic.

I am so so sick of seeing Obama! The cartoonists have it right!
Donnie said…
Obama the krill and media the mighty sponge. What a great natural combo.
Anonymous said…
"Iranian President Iamanutjob"

HA! You pegged that one perfectly!

LMBO! You even got the right rhythm!

That was perfect Noname! Just perfect!

AND...I'm stumbling you. (I always forget to do that! But you are more than worthy of stumbling!)
nonamedufus said…
dizzblnd: Isn't it interesting how political cartoons inspire passionate comments? Sick of seeing Obama? Is there any show he didn't do last week? Lost!

Don: Man, Don, you never cease to amaze me. That was a mighty obscure analogy. I had to look up "krill" to realize you were making a Red Lobster reference. LOL

Quirks: Thanks for the st-st-stumble
Great cartoons this week... of course, they had some great material to work with!
nonamedufus said…
CL: Yep sometimes the subjects are as funny as the satire!
Chris said…
Man, I wish I could draw. There's some much to work with for political cartoonists.

Loved the "President Iamanutjob" thing. Awesome.

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