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Louisville Tugger

Judging our contest went into extra innings this week as there were so many great captions...

And our runners-up are all previous winners.

lotgk laid down a strong bunt with...

No Mr. umpire, he is not corking his bat. However.....

Don hit a double proposing...

For the last time Rodney! He said base on balls. Base on balls!

and Renal Failure pounded out a triple...

Testicular Cancer Awareness Night was the second-worst ballpark promotion of the year, just ahead of Free Catheter Night.

But it was moooooog who hit a grand slam with...

You know...I liked it before when they just used to slap each other on the ass.

Congrats moooooog. You be hangin' with Dufus! Thanks to all for playing. See you again next week.


Skye said…
Congrats on a good caption Mooog :)
Don said…
Wait to go moooooog man! Hey brotha'. Did you really like those slaps on the ass better? I know this girl that, er...nevermind dude. Later.
Anonymous said…
Ha! Very good caption.

Mooooog is another captioning king, kinda like the Dyer Bros. (*sad sigh*)
"Needs more pine tar."

Yeah, I know, I'm late.
nonamedufus said…
Skye: He done good.

Don: Don't hold back, Don.

Quirks: Shame about the Dyers.

Chris: YER OUT!!! ;)
moooooog35 said…
I won?!?

What do I win?! A vacation?! Cold hard cash?! A night at the Playboy mansion?!

Oh. file.

That's good, too.

Thanks, noname!! Much appreciated!
SEO Expert said…
Very good caption. Nice blog keep it up god bless you :)
Quirkyloon said…
Ha! Very good caption.

Mooooog is another captioning king, kinda like the Dyer Bros. (*sad sigh*)

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