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Not Your Average White Band

Hey I said NOT your Average White Band (hmmm, Ive always liked that album cover). But techincally this post is about AWB but in this case that's Award Winning Bloggers, brought to you today in 3 parts:

Part I
Screw You and The Elephant You Rode In On

Well, everyone managed to take a potshot at POTUS this week. It wasn't exactly what you'd call a flattering picture. In fact, it was downright gay. It only makes sense that some of the comments were too. Let's see who said what...

lotgk came up with

Adam Lambert has nothing on me.

So... this is what Glenn Beck sees every time he looks at the President, eh? No wonder he cries all the time.

and Don posted

Think I'm stuntin' like my daddy now? Ya should get a load of what I'm sitting on!

But our real Washington weiner this week was moooooog with his Obama double-whamma:

..and you people wonder why I vote Republican.


Obama later regrets having his inauguration suit designed by the Queer Eye guys.

moooooog, I hope you don't mind hanging with Dufus, yet AGAIN, man. Way to go.

Part II
Mom Likes Me Best

No, we're not running an old Smothers Brothers routine here. Kirsten, over at The Soccer Mom Files is one of my comic caption contest competitors and this week I won her contest.

That melon diet can be tricky but I'm willing to try if I can just get my head around it.

Thanks Kirsten. I have lusted in my heart for this award for some time. I'm happy I can finally add it to my collection.

Part III

Keep It Down On the QT Quirkyloon Or People Will Talk

One of my all-time favourite bloggers, the zombie-loving, rock and roll-singing, rhyming, joking, parodying, satirizing - well you get the picture - all-round funny blogger Quirkyloon has given me another award. Sheesh, this is gettin' to be like a mutual admiration society bloggy-style. Thanks, Quirks that was thoughful. And here's that award...

I what? I have to come up with 5 obsessions? And I have to pass it on to 5 people? Hmmm... why is that song The Way We Were going through my mind? Sing it Barbara...


Light the corners of my mind

Misty water-colored meme-ries

Of the way we were

Okay, okay. Thanks Quirks. That was sweet. 5 Obsessions?

1. Music, good old-fashioned rock and roll in particular. And evidence of this obsession can be found at dufusdownbeat my music blog

2. Humour. And some of the wackiest knobs on the web can be found at my 2nd home Humor Bloggers Dot Com

3. I'm kinda addicted to captioning. And the fruits of my loins, er, ah, labours can be found at Dufusawards where I keep my hardware. I shine it every 2 weeks!

4. I love visiting my fellow humour bloggers. I have so many favoutites I can't get to as many as I'd like regularly. Maybe YOU could visit them. I pass on this Fabulous Award to all of them! Go check 'em out on my blog roll at A Bunch of Clowns.

5. Finally I obsess about Quirks. She's one of the blogs I visit every day for my funny fix and I never come away disappointed. She hangs out at Musings Of A Quirkyloon.

Thanks again Quirks. And to show my appreciation I've written you a little poem. It's just a coincidence that you happen to be running a contest for the best Zombie Poem. This has nothing to do with that. Heck, no.

A Zombie Poem

Around each dark street corner she lurks

Sipping Diet Pepper, munching gherks

She's slightly insanze
Looking for brainz
Our rocknroll, zombified Quirks
Man, this post had so many damn links in it I almost feel like Jimmy Dean!


Marvelous Marv said…
You're hilarious. Hadda drop in again - anyone who can hang with the Quirkster on a daily basis is all right in my book. (wink)

The Old Silly
CatLadyLarew said…
Whoa... big week over in Dufusland! Congrats on the awards!
nonamedufus said…
Marv: ;) yerself.

CatLady: Wow, "Dufusland". Today a blog, tomorrow a theme park! Thanks CLL.
Don said…
Wow, congratulations to everyone and you too. moooooog's the man!
nonamedufus said…
Don: The man? Why, he's the midget man of steel!
Anonymous said…
Wow Noname! That was a GREAT poem! I loved it!

Laughing so hard, I'm getting a belly-ache!

It's gonna tough to pick a winner! But truly, I adored yours! You have me pegged!

nipsy said…
Love it!! Some of those comments kill em..literally. I'm sick as hell right now, so any amount of laughing sends me into coughing fits..
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: Long post today, took some time to pull it together, but I saved the best for last!

Nips: Get well soon. Sorry I made you laugh (heehee).
ReformingGeek said…
Congrats on your awards but you are really smooching up for that zombie contest. Come on. Admit it. You really want to win. You should be ashamed and disqualify yourself immediately.

Kidding. Kidding!
nonamedufus said…
RG: I come from a long line of ass-kissers. I can give lessons!
Marvelous Marv said…
You're hilarious. Hadda drop in again - anyone who can hang with the Quirkster on a daily basis is all right in my book. (wink)

The Old Silly

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