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Say What #2

Back in July I ran the initial post in what I think is going to be a series. Today installment #2. Over at Humor Bloggers Dot Com, where they change the style and format more often than her mean uncle moves the furniture around at Helen Keller's place, there's a forum thread called The Humpty Dumpty Dictionary Challenge where members contribute words they've found from a blog's word verification box along with their own definitions.

Here are some of my recent contributions...

When you throw little Jr into the pool to teach him to swim you better hope he's:



The politically correct term for bus boy!


The perfect word verification for HumorBloggersDotCom


What happens when your clambake lasts too long...


What the parachute instructor says as he pushes you from the plane


Few people know that Sting wrote the first draft of So Lonely in the loo. Uh-huh, yep. And when he changed the lyric to "lonely" he had a hit on his hands...

Well, someone told me yesterday
That when you throw your love away
You act as if you just don't care
You look as if you're going somewhere
But I just can't convince myself
I couldn't live with no one else
And I can only play that part
And sit and nurse my broken heart, so looly
So looly, so looly, so looly
So looly, so looly, so looly
So looly, so looly, so looly
So looly, so looly

Now you see why this series only runs periodically.


Anonymous said…
Sting was HAWT!


Thanks for reminding me!

And very funny word verifications! They crack me up all the time. In fact, why looky there, yours today is


Took the facro right out of my mouth! hee hee
Moooooog35 said…
Mine right now is "ranie."

Which is what the illiterate weatherman in Seattle puts on his forecast for today.
Great series! Sting in the loo is now burned into my brain.

Today's word for me is nongle... where people go when Google is down.
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: Yeah, some of them are pretty odd indeed.

moooooog: We've got "ranie" here today, too. (Didn't Grace Kelly marry Prince Ranie?)

CatLady: Haha, good one!
Megan said…
my verif: ingumas

which means: the combination of anger and despair felt when first infected with an earworm.

so looly, so looly, so looooollllyyyyyy!

Damn you.
Donnie said…
I've seen those and wanted to ask the burning question, are those legitimate. Not as in kids, but as in actual word verification thingys? They're cool either way...
nonamedufus said…
Megan: I aim to please!

Don: Hey this is a humour blog. Everything's real. Yeah, I right clicked and saved each "captcha" to my pic file. Cool, huh?
Me-Me King said…
Lookie what I got, "argati". I think this is Japanese for "I comment you long time".
nonamedufus said…
Me-Me: Hey, OKAY!!! (Yesterday's post is having an impact!)
Kelly P said…
Just read your post and all I could do was LMAO!The word verificatoins got me.LOL!

You think it matizat Quirky is a ZOMBIE. HA!
Skip Simpson said…
LOL!!! I was wonderin' when someone was gonna notice that! Great post! Oh... and my word for this one is "herjuts." Okayyy... "I've met a lot of women, but herjuts are the biggest by far!"
Chris said…
Woke up in my clothes again this morning. Don't know exactly where I am. I should heed my doctor's warning. He does the best with me he can.

Wait. Wrong song.

Damn. That was commicl.
Canadu said…
Great post! My word verification is 'dinsident.' Meaning: A dyslexic conscientious objector, ofcourse.
Unknown said…
I love these word verifications. They are so weird. I always forget to save them. Then when I do I can't figure out a meaning for them. This one is suledr
nonamedufus said…
Donna: Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stoppin' in.

Skip: lmao

DK: Speaking of commicl, your pretty funny yourself.

Canadu: Haha, good one. See, everyone can play. Thanks for stopping by.

ettarose: You'd think there's be lots of medical staff at the clinic but he was the "suledr" there!
Hey, I was going to write a post about these captcha words! Stop reading my mind while I'm sleeping and stealing my ideas, you ingrant. Ingrant--that's my captcha word for this comment. I think it's a combination of ingrate and rant. Weird, huh? Another nice post, NoName.

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