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Pause, Ponder and Pun

I think she's doing it wrong.
But then, I'm not entirely sure what she's doing.
Are you?
Leave me a caption and tune in Saturday to keep abreast of our winner.


Anonymous said…
"Funny. I've looked all over and there's no "check" on this engine, anywhere!"
Phils Phun said…
There's something wrong with my hesdlights
Two suggestions come to mind today....

"Get a load of the white Beamers!"


"Dumb blondes... can't live with 'em, can't run 'em over."
Anonymous said…
"keep abreast"

ha ha hee hee ho ho. For some reason that hit the funny bone. And I'm not even gonna try to outdo PhilsPhun. I think he got it!

"something wrong with my headlights!"

haha hee hee ho ho

So glad I dropped in today. Good laughs.
Unknown said…
Mary Jane wished Hank would hurry and change the tire, it was getting harder to hold up the bumper.
Anonymous said…
Finally the planets aligned correctly as Larry, a red meat eating, baby seal killer, and hater of everything P.E.T.A. exacts revenge on Pamela Anderson.
"Did I remember to put my panties on this morning?"


"My mechanic said the car needed a lube job. I hope I'm doing it right."
Donnie said…
Hey honey?! Nothing flat out here!
Skye said…
"My oil needs checking too!"
ReformingGeek said…
OK. I've inflated them. Now what?
Also in the news, there's another recall from automobile manufacturers who discovered that a dyslexic engineer had mistakenly installed front exterior funbags.
Brian Miller said…
is this thingy where the gas goes in?
renalfailure said…
25 bucks for an oil change, and she'll swallow for 35.
Alan Burnett said…
Now I know that this car has a ground clearance of 44D
Nooter said…
ha ha, shes giving the bimmer a hummer
Moooooog35 said…
And to think I almost brought my car into Sears.
CatLadyLarew said…
Two suggestions come to mind today....

"Get a load of the white Beamers!"


"Dumb blondes... can't live with 'em, can't run 'em over."

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