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Pause Ponder and Pun #91

You know there's something to be said about a parent who can juggle four children.

There's nothing I can say about this guy.

Maybe you can.

Leave your caption in the comments and we'll announce a winner Saturday.

This one could be a real toss up.


moooooog35 said…
A memorial to all those lost in the fateful "Day it Rained Babies"
moooooog35 said…
It was a nice gesture to immortalize Jimmy in statue form, although he would have preferred if they used the money to remove his four conjoined twins instead.
Nicky said…
The children's reactions to the "No Kids Allowed" ban.
Cheryl P. said…
Statue named "Nude Lewd Dude"
Mike said…
Aaaaghh! Babies everywhere! Damn my virility!
00dozo said…
Conan the Babe-arian.
quirkyloon said…
Jane! Get me off of this crazy thing!
00dozo said…
The statue, situated outside a planned parenthood clinic, is captioned, "This is what happens when you don't wrap it up."
00dozo said…
The new terrorist IEDs : "Sticky Babies".
Cheryl P. said…
At the nudist resort "Sacks and Cracks" a daddy is playing "toss the babies" with his quadruplets.
Shawn said…
1 - Davids and Goliath.
2 - "Get off my penis!"
3 - "Get on my penis."
4 - After attacking the babies he was charged with statue-tory rape.
5 - It's raining cats and babies.
6 - Hulk smash baby!
Mike said…
More like, "Taking the No Kids Allowed Ban too seriously."
Skeeter said…
I ain't your baby- daddy! I just wanted to see where they came from.

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