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Sunday Funnies


Jaffer said…
I don't like how McDonalds has cowed under pressure. This is stupid. Every kid loves their fries and chicken nuggets - that' what a 'happy meal' is to them. It' their "constitutional right to freedom of choice" (hehehe)

Oh man, I am one of those kids you'd call "The MTV Generation" wedged between Gen-X and Gen-Y.
Mind of a Madman said…
Captain America has really let himself go...... I would call him Captain Diabetes now!
I'll miss Randy Moss. I'm in a humor bloggers fantasy football league and I had him on my team a few times...he was fun to make fun of. :)
quirkyloon said…
We obviously like to listen to our music, so why did the music leave from MTV? Why can't we have a rock half hour music videos. A half hour of hip-hop (blech). A half-hour of pop (blech, well not so much *grin*). A half-hour here and there.

MTV? Anyone? Anyone?

Me likey the funnies, but I'm not laughing too much at the debt ceiling. More like crapping my pants! Spooky! Real spooky. *grin*
nonamedufus said…
I'm not a big fan of McDonalds other than for their Sausage Egg McMuffins. But their hamburgers? Blah.

MTV and it's Canadian cousin Much Music were great. But they don't seem to play much music (no pun intended) any more. What's up with that? Did you Tube kill the video star?
nonamedufus said…
Yeah, he's really out of shape. Actually both the captain and his Uncle.
nonamedufus said…
Yeah, lately it was always interesting to watch the Sunday pre-game shows to see what kind of trouble he got himself into week to week. He was usually a victim of his own mouth.
nonamedufus said…
Yeah, I agree. Where did the music go?

On the debt ceiling business you guys just had your credit rating reduced. Spooky, indeed.
00dozo said…
Does MTV even show music videos anymore? Do they even make music videos anymore? I think MTV now stands for, "Meh T.V.". Frankly, I've never really gotten into MTV or Much Music. The best music video I've ever seen is "Thriller" (yeah, I'll have to concede that one).
nonamedufus said…
Do you remember the first song MTV played? Video Killed The Radio Star. I googled it.
00dozo said…
Ha! I actually had that song in my head when I thought of MTV and was writing my comment! Sadly, reality t.v. has killed the video star, as it were. We didn't get MTV on our 'basic cable' subscription when it first aired, but I do remember them making a big deal of it on the news back then.
nonamedufus said…
They were pretty artsy-fartsy at Much. The first video played on MuchMusic was an early music-to-film synchronization short from the 1920s which featured Eubie Blake performing Snappy Songs. The first video made specifically for television air play was Rush's "The Enemy Within".

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