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I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

Sorry folks.  In a bit of a mix-up, Pause, Ponder and Pun was mistakenly posted yesterday, a day early.  So read today's post and then skip down and leave a caption.  Damn those meds really relax me!


Get ready Canada.  Air travel is about to, ahem, take off.  Yes, due to a novel approach to airport security in this country, airlines are bracing themselves for a stiff uptake in air travelling passengers.

The headline I read yesterday was quite explicit: "Canadians Support Use of Naked Airport Scanners: Poll".

Why didn't anyone think of this before?  Naked security personnel.  It's a great idea.  Kinda like visiting a strip club in the departure lounge.  And for free!

Security personnel coming soon to a Canadian airport near you - no cover charge.

I wonder where they'll find these people?  Maybe there is life after exotic dancing.   Couldn't take much training.  And they don't have to spend any money on uniforms.  I wonder if they'll allow tips?

Whoever thought this up is going to be responsible for a whole new attitude toward having to go through security at the airport.  Hell, there might even be line ups due to the fact people don't want to leave the security area.

Imagine being patted down by a naked security guard.  Kinda gives new meaning to "Fly the Friendly Skies" dontcha think?

What?  Wait a minute?  You mean...  Okay, hold up folks.  Seems I may have read too much into that headline.  It's not the security personnel that'll be naked.  It's the scanning machines that'll see through the clothes of travellers making them naked to the security personnel.  And according to the poll, most Canadians don't mind.  Bunch of freakin' perverts!

Is that a gun in your pants or are you just glad you see me?


AmyLK said…
Oh no! Your way would probably encourage air travel while I am going to be hesitant about letting strangers see me naked. ewww
nonamedufus said…
AmyLK: I don't think you're alone. Ha,ha.
Quirkyloon said…
"Damn those meds really relax me!"

And this is a problem? How?

I say take a few of those before flying the "friendly" skies.

hee hee
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: What? And miss all the fun at security?
Don said…
That one in a hundred hottie that would be scanned by the machine would not be nearly enough to get me to look at everybody's fat ass! Bomb or no bomb!
Me-Me King said…
You think your meds relax you? Hell, I missed a whole day because of my meds.
nonamedufus said…
Don: I guess you just weren't cut out for airport security. But that headline made me think it was gonna be the security personnel who were gonna be naked - lol.
nonamedufus said…
Me-Me: Well at least you remembered to take them!
sexnfries said…
I could get a job there...and have so much to write about that I would be busy for years or sick..depends
nonamedufus said…
sexnfries: Yeah, it's the possibility of "sick" that would put me off.
I've visited Canada at least six or seven times and never once been frisked by security personnel wearing nothing but red stripper heels and pantyhose. But if that's the system Canada's switching to, then I promise I'll be visiting a lot more often. Unless the personnel are men. Then I'm never coming again, pun intended.
nonamedufus said…
Mike: I understand completely.

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