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Pause Ponder and Pun

I don't want to raise any red flags, here, but that animal's in trouble.  And that's no bull, folks.

Okay, we got the right day this week.  Wednesday, right?  That's a good sign.  The adjustment in my medication must be working.

Leave a caption in the comments and mosey on back here Saturday to see who won The Hangin' With Dufus Award.  Se y'all then.



Oh, hey, speaking of awards I won the Golden Phallus Award last week.  I know.  Like I need another Golden Phallus...award!  Anyway I won Mad Mad Margo's caption contest last Saturday.  You can click through to my Awards Page and click the link there for the details.

Don't forget to try out Margo's caption contest this week.  You can try Kirsten's contest too, although she hasn't given me an award lately.


Skye said…
You are so lucky that my horns didn't spear you when I did this back-flip, but could ya give me a hand here, I'm kinda stuck now!?!
ba_hutch said…
The peace loving Ferdinand was award 100 bonus points, for style, becoming the first bull to score a victory without having to kill the torreador.
Moooooog35 said…
In retrospect, Spain's Olympic Gymnastics team probably shouldn't have had an open tryout.
Anonymous said…
You put your left horn in
You put your left horn out
You put your left horn in
And you shake it all about
You do the toreador pokey
And you get stuck in the ground
That's what its all about!

Arriba arriba!

Ay yi yi!

OMGawsh even your word veri is in espani! SUELE
Me-Me King said…
Roberto resorts to Spain's latest defense in bullfighting: The Force Field.
Me-Me King said…
The enlightened bull demonstrates his favorite yoga position, the horn stand.
Don said…
I'll sit this one out, but I have to say that I never realized just how gay those clothes and cape look on that dude. Kind of like a Guatemalan version of Batman.
CatLadyLarew said…
Damn... that bull be hangin' with Dufus!
Lizzy and Elle said…
"Of course your cart wheels are better, you have those butt shredders on your head. Try one in these pants."
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Bull: "You just want me to come running up to gore that cape, then pull it away so you can see me fall flat on my back and kill myself."

Matador: "This time you can trust me, I won't pull it away, I give you my word."

Bull: "His word. A man's only as good as his word. I guess if you have a man's word, you can't go wrong. Maybe this is the year I finally gore that cape."
[Bull runs to gore cape, but Matador pulls it away]

Bull: "Aauugh!"
Tgoette said…
Roberto and his pet bull, Paco, show the crowd the feat that gained him national recognition on David Letterman's "Stupid Pet Tricks".
Moooooog35 said…
Scientist unveil the first self-tenderizing beef.

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