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Savage Similarities

If you're arriving from Theme Thursday you probably know where this is going. If not play along and see if you can tell what the following 10 pictures have in common.

All these pics have the theme "wild" in common. Let's check:
1. Wild West hero Wild Bill Hickock
2. A great book and even greater movie directed by Sean Penn Into The Wild
3. Nicolas Cage in the David Lynch film Wild At Heart
4. A funny, funny take on weekend warriors the film Wild Hogs
5. "Sticky Fingers" is the Rolling Stones album with the song Wild Horses

6. This little fella's being sent on a wild goose chase
7. ...ahem...I think these two are from Girls Gone Wild
8. Charlie Sheen aka "Wild Thing" in the movie "Major League"

9. In the 60s the Troggs sang about Charlie's doppleganger Wild Thing
10. And if you made it this far pour yourself a shot of Wild Turkey bourbon
Wasn't that wild?!

Check out Theme Thursday for more wild goings-on today.


Tom said…
actually #7 is from the movie 'Wild Things'...i think, but you probably already knew that. Great take on the theme; Wild!
Mad wild skills there with Theme Thursday, Dufus!
nonamedufus said…
Tom: You know your movies with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards.

CatLady:I'm a wild and crazy guy!
Anonymous said…
Nicely done Noname!

And for the record #2 Into the Wild. The best movie ever! It was so sad!
Dreamhaven said…
I love the power of pictures. I knew 5 of those. I really enjoyed "Wild Hogs" Great post.
Moooooog35 said… stuck on the "Wild Things" picture.


Anyone got a tissue?
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: A great film. Quite sad. But powerful.

Dreamhaven: Thanks. It was fun putting it together.

moooooog: Down boy, hahaha.
Brian Miller said…
great walk through the wild...nice. happy tt!
Skip Simpson said…
Love your sense of humor, and your site. Count me in as a loyal follower!
Donnie said…
Yes, that was wild. I couldn't come up with the answer though. I kept thinking Raising Arizona and somehow that and the two girls making out was confusing me.
Wings1295 said…
Wild things, indeed!
nonamedufus said…
Brian: And the colored girls sing...

Skip: Well, thank you sir. Welcome aboard.

Don: You're not the only one who had trouble get past those two.

Wings: Yep.
e said…
Great selections. Happy TT.
Megan said…
Good one, dufus.

P.S. Have you read 'Into Thin Air' yet? Also verrrry good.
Me-Me King said…
Hola, mi amigo! Looks like I picked the right day to return, although it took me a minute to figure out how to post a comment, I love your Thursday Theme feature - good goin'!
Alan Burnett said…
A fine selection of pictures. Happy TT
nonamedufus said…
e: HTTTYT (Happy Theme Thursday to you, too)

Megan: No I haven't. I may have seen the TV movie. I'll put it on my "to read" list. Sounds interesting.

Me-Me: It's great to see you back! I missed your visits.

Alan: Thank you sir. HTTTYT
Chris said…
Dang. I would've had it but I thought that first one was Sheriff Strickland from Back the the Future III.

"Eat lead, slackers!"
Baino said…
Oh excellent choices. I really do like Nick Cage but I got so angry at that kid in "Into the Wild" he was so unprepared and stupid. I still feel for his family.
nonamedufus said…
DK: There was a III?

Baino: That was the really tragic part, wasn't it. The poor fella's idealism was only matched by his ineptitude
Ed said…
Excellent choices. I missed the connection with the Sticky Fingers album...forgot that song was on it. I read the original article on Into the Wild in Outside magazine; before he wrote the book. I like the article, book and movie too but I think the kid wasn't too bright. He was lucky on a lot of occasions and a bit too risky; there's really no need to be so extreme unless you're looking to die. Still, I agree, powerful movie.
Dang. I would've had it but I thought that first one was Sheriff Strickland from Back the the Future III.

"Eat lead, slackers!"

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