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30 Days of Writing - #29 - Breaking the Rules

I'm not really sure what dear Nicky thought
Perhaps that we were fools
But a core group of dedicated bloggers
Sharpened their writing  tools.

And on June the 1st we launched ourselves
Into an exercise like mules
We dragged our words upon our backs
Yet some posts shone like jewels.

We visited each others blogs
Left comments, many cool
Some were funny, others serious
But none of them were cruel.

Some bloggers actually stuck it out
Though some days it felt like gruel
And often there were occasions
When posting became a duel.

Like the time we roasted other bloggers
Some writers were quite fuelled
To toast and roast their counterparts
T'was like being in high school.

And now there's one more day to go
Our eyes tear up like pools
But it certainly will be interesting 
To see just who broke the rules.

I confess, I didn't break the rules. See if anyone owns up to such a transgression by clicking the link thingy over at We Work For Cheese. And we'll see you all tomorrow for the grand finale.


Katherine said…
Oh no! There were rules!?

You NAILED it on this one!
Wendy said…
Love that label, 30 days of torture. Did you stay awake all night composing that? Amazing post !
nonamedufus said…
Oh, yes, I did. There's nothing I won't do to get to the end of this torturous test.
Quirky Loon said…
Already knew you are a great poet! (it especially has shined in your witty song parodies).

Nicely done Dufus. Verra verra nice.
Linda R. said…
You have absolutely summed it up. Very well done! [applause]
Linda Medrano said…
This is a work of art. Or the work of a madman. Either way. Bravo!
P.J. said…
One. More. Day. It's all I keep thinking now. One. More. Day. The celebrate with cheese.
Nicky said…
Brilliant poem, brilliant tag! 500 points for you today, my friend. Take 'em while you can get 'em!
babs (beetle) said…
One more day reminds me of a song we sang at school just before the summer break.

One more day of pain
One more day of sorrow
One more day of this old dump
and we'll be gone tomorrow

Brilliant poem!
Nonamedufus said…
Thanks a bunch, Quirks.
Nonamedufus said…
*bows* Thanks.
Nonamedufus said…
I suspect the latter right about now.
Nonamedufus said…
Not cheese. noooooooo...
Nonamedufus said…
With just two days to go, I will!
Nonamedufus said…
Ha we had:
No mor pencils
No more books
No mor teacher's
Dirty looks...
If I were God... said…
Would your pretty little ditty look as witty on my titty?
babs (beetle) said…
Oh yes! That was another one we sang! Memories ;)
nonamedufus said…
Of course, back then we spelled "more" correctly.
nonamedufus said…
That's kind of a pity
And it sounds somewhat shitty.
But it beats posting kitties.
We're both kinda witty!
Lauren said…
This is the end of 30 days blogging rapture. I better hurry up and post something before the locusts cover my computer screen.
Nonamedufus said…
So this is what they meant when they talked about the rapture?

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