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She's A Very Quirky Girl!

One of the funniest bloggers in all of blogdom has got to be Quirky Loon. She writes about zombies and other meaningful musings and sometimes she and I trade obscure rock and roll lyrics. Late last week she did a hilarious take off on Ice Ice Baby called Zom-bie Baby. I figured the best way to let her know what I thought of it was to return the favour. So, with apologies to Rick James, here's my homage to Super Quirk...

Super Quirk

She's a very Quirky girl

And a very funny blogger

She will never let your spirits down

Once she comments on your blog, ow girl

She likes the boys on the blogs

She says that I'm her all-time favorite

When I make my move to her blog it's the right time

She's always friggin' funny

That girl is pretty wild now

The girl's a super Quirk

The kind of girl you you read about

On Musing's blogazine

That girl is pretty Quirky

The girl's a super Quirk

I really love to read her

Every zombie tale

She's alright, she's alright

That girl's alright with me, yeah

She's a zombie freak, zombie freak

She's super freaky, yow

Quirky freak, Quirky freak

She's a very special Quirk

The kind of Quirk you want to know

From zombie brain down to her toenails

Down to her feet, yeah

And she'll write to me on my blog with her comments

In a line or two

Going back to Quirky Loon

Three's not a crowd to her, she says

"Visitors: 714, I'll be writing"

When I get there she's got zombies, jokes and musings

It's such a Quirky blog...

...She's a super Quirk, a super Quirk


Skye said…
She's a Super Quirky alright! Great job on the parody :)
Quirkyloon said…

I love it!!!

Thank you so much!

AND you did GREAT!!!! Really! That was fantastic!

I couldn't stop smiling or laughing through the whole thing!

Thanks again NoName! That was too much!


A Very Quirky Girl...

hee hee hee
Don said…
Sweeeeet! Just thankful she's not like Cyndi Lauper or worse yet, Rick James himself!
dizzblnd said…
what a wonderful parody for a very wonderful blogger! She is a Super Quirk and I am proud to be one of her long time followers! You ROCK for doing this for her, it really helped cheer her up
subtorp77 said…
noname, way cool! But ack! now I've got the tune for an ear-worm...LOL!
nonamedufus said…
Skye: I kneel at the feet of the Quirky master.

Quirks: So you like the homage oh great one? I'm glad. Take good care of yourself.

Don: She's none of those. She's Super Quirk.

Dizzblnd: Hey, I'm glad I was able to bring a smile to the Quirkster. She's the best.

subtorp77: That's why I used it. It's been running around my brain since I saw that stupid VISA commercial. But it's the perfect song for her 'cause she's a Quirk, a super Quirk, man!
Quirk is indeed the shiznit. You pay her perfect homage.
And am I the only one who sees the little girl from Lil Miss Sunshine doing her wildly innappropriate dance at the pageant every time this song gets mentions (or, in this case, delightfully rewritten)?
Love it!
nonamedufus said…
sassafras: You're the only one. (Great movie ;)

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