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I Be Hangin' With Dufus

Get ready folks. Dufus has decided to get into the captioning business. That's right! Beginning tomorrow nonamedufus goes interactive and solicits your input on the first in a series of caption contests. Yep, in the weeks to come I'll be doing more soliciting than Bayou Betty on a New Orleans street corner.

"Why?" you ask. Well, I'm kinda a caption-aholic as you can see from the hardware down my right sidebar. And lately there's a dearth of caption contests out there. Poor old Joe at Crochety Old Man has been laid up in the hospital and re-hab and been unable to award his Zucchini for what is perhaps the best weekly caption contest on the interwebz. And Chica at Lady Sarcasm awarded her last cherished Kick Ass Captioneer award a week or so ago. And, horror of horrors, the caption kings and awarders of the Twinsey Award, Philip and Douglas - the Dyer Boys - have gotten out of the blogging business altogether!

So to avoid a void (sorry to repeat myself) out there I'd like to help fill it (people have said I'm full of it) with the new I Be Hangin' With Dufus citation. So starting tomorrow, traditionally known as "Wordless Wednesday" on the humour blog interwebz, I'll be posting a pic and soliciting (at no charge) your captions. So drop by tomorrow and Pause, Ponder and Pun. See y'all then...

I Be Hangin' With Dufus


Tiggy said…
The Dyer Boys have retired all ready? Good grief. Obviously the 'King of Kapshunz' title is up for grabs then, go for it Dufus!
nonamedufus said…
Tiggy: We'll give 'er a whirl. There's no replacing the Dyer twins who made captionning a career, but once a week might be fun.
ettarose said…
Dufus, my sentiments exactly. I also want to keep on with the captioning thing. I think it is so much fun to read what others come up with. Shall we do ours on the same day?
LOTGK said…
I already have my caption for your picture for tomorrow.

"This just in. Michael Jackson is still dead!"

I'm psychic btw....
nonamedufus said…
ettarose: Sure, and I'll do a little promotion of yours tomorrow.

lotgk: ...and little boys can go back to just worrying about Catholic priests.
Don said…
You know Bayou Betty too? I last saw her at Canal St. and Poydras near the Superdome.
Cool, a captioning contest by 'dufus. I'll have a whirl at it. I'm not very good with them, but occasionally I'll nail one. A caption. Not Bayou Betty.
nonamedufus said…
Boy you really get around. How 'bout Swampy Sue and Levee Lulu?

P.S. Looking forward to seeing your comments!

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