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Me And My Shadow

A bit of a departure today. Last week I started participating on the Theme Thursday website. Each Sunday the Theme Thursday folks post a weekly theme and ask idea-starved bloggers - such as myself - to participate. For example, last week the theme was "festivals" and I decided to do a piece on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock over on my music blog dufusdownbeat.

This week, the theme is "shadow". There are various ways to go on this theme but when I first saw it I immediately thought of something I'd posted some time ago, back when nonamedufus was more of a picture and video blog. It's from an appearance on the David Letterman show of Australian hand shadow specialist and "Unusualist" Raymond Crowe. I think you'll be as amazed as I was when you watch this.

If you're interested in being further amazed, visit Raymond Crowe's website. And be sure to visit Theme Thursday and click on the links to see how my blogging buddies there have dealt with this week's theme...


Don't be a Dumbo. Enter this week's caption contest.


Simple magic! The best kind.
Brian Miller said…
ha. people do some amazing things with their hands...happy tt!
Anonymous said…
Oh this is just too cool! It looks just like him( I mean, his silhouette, wot? )...
willow said…
Fun! He would be a cool dinner guest.
That was great! Thanks for posting that.
R.J. Edwards said…
That's pretty amazing.
Alan Burnett said…
That is a sensational video. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Anonymous said…
That was way too cool!

I loved it!

Thanks for making me aware of it.
Betsy said…
I was hoping someone would pick up on this for today's theme. Really, really great!
nonamedufus said…
Harnett-Hargrove: But effective.

Brian: ...and he's truly amazing.

subtorp77: Isn't it fabulous...and the animals too.

willow: Oh man he'd keep you entertained for hours.

Not For Jellyfish: My pleasure. Glad you like it.

RJEdwards: Doesn't begin to describe it.

Alan: You're more than welcome.

Quirks: Glad you enjoyed it ma'am.

Betsy: Yeah, he was talented shadow puppeteer. I just had to share.
Wings said…
Things like this have always astounded me! Talent, indeed!
Megan said…
Shoot. No looking at YT at work. I shall return...
Don said…
That is outstanding and set to one of my favorite artist and songs. Great!
CatLadyLarew said…
Fabulous! A perfect match for the shadow theme.
Thanks for sharing!
nonamedufus said…
Wings: I was just enrthalled watching it.

Megan: Too bad.

Don: The performance and the music are a perfect fit.

CatLady: Glad you enjoyed it.

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