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The 7 Deadly Memes

Wee Winky Twinky -I wonder if she's related to Wee Willie Winkie - last week got this award thingy...the Premiere Meme Award or some such thing. To keep it she had to share with folks her 7 innermoist thoughts - did I say that? Musta been thinking about something else - 7 i-n-n-e-r-m-o-s-t thoughts and then pick 7 bloggers to whom she would pass the award - and the meme. Bloggers - like me - are of two minds about these things. They enjoy the recognition of their colleagues and the bit of a bump in traffic it might bring but they hate talking about themselves and they hate passing these things on to their blogging buddies. Having said that, one of Winky's picks was me! So Winky, thanks - I think.

So given the sensitivity of some bloggers - who shall remain nonameless - here's what I propose to do. I'll take the award (well, hey, wouldn't you?) but here's how I'll handle the 7+7. First, I propose to share my 7 innermost thoughts...about celebrities on Twitter.

1. On Twitter much was made last week of The Bloggess being "blocked" by William Shatner Yes, that William Shatner. In the words of his Star Fleet buddy "That wasn't logical". And in the words of another Federation flunky Goddess should have told him "Damn it Jim, I'm a blogger".

2. Twitter-holic Kirstie Alley was carrying a running fued with the National Inquirer last week because of a cover story they carried saying the overweight actress had four weeks to live. I didn't actually read the story, but it may have had something to do with a 24-7 all-you-can-eat buffet.

3. John Mayer - get a life and play some funky music white boy.

4. Pamela Anderson I love your tweets. Both of them.

5. Michael Waltrip you are one of the funniest people on Twitter - and you drive race cars for a living? Whatever you do don't let Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Twitter. He's funny enough in person. "Dale, hello Dale..."

6. Pete Wentz get some sleep.

7. Charles Manson, Squeeky Fromme's out of prison and you're not. Get over it.

Now, the other piece of business. I DON'T award the Premiere Meme award to the following folks. (But they can still pay it forward if they so wish.) Be sure to visit these funny blogs. They're some of my favourites...and I still want them to talk to me.

And that's my take on the no-meme meme.


Winky Twinky said…
Hehe...well done, Nonname! You have earned your award... btw, it was forwarded to me also. No one goes unscathed... ;)
nonamedufus said…
Winky: It'a such a unique award. 7 people each forward it to 7 more people, etc., etc. It's unique in being the most widespread award meme out there!
Anonymous said…
Ah! I like how you handled the sevens!


Funny about Shatner/The Blogess thingy. I had no clue.

I've been twitterless these days. Too much Bejeweled Blitz playing! I like to follow Michael Ian Black. He's pretty funny.
Don said…
Well you almost came through that unscathed. That "innermoist" part was the kicker though. That damn Freud guy screws me up too...
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: Memes aren't my thing. Thanks for rec'ing Michael Ian Black.

Don: I confess when I saw the meme description I actually thought that's what it said and had to go back and re-read it. I used it in Winky's comments and like it so much decided to share it here. It was really my hook for participating (somewhat) in the meme.
Awesomeness. And I just discovered that racecar guy because of you. You make the world go around, my friend.
nonamedufus said…
Bloggess: Waltrip will block you too but on the racetrack. Have you and Bill kissed and made up?
Took a while, but I've picked up the "award." Unfortunately, you not only took the best way of dealing with it (innermost thoughts about celebrities on Twitter), but also of disposing of it (mentioning seven other bloggers and leaving it up to them).


Anyway -- "Seven thoughts for seven bloggers".
nonamedufus said…
Frank: Great follow-up post Frank. Well done.

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