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Bloggin' Brouhahas

The Internet really is an amazing source for information. Sites for news, sports, entertainment, music...the choices are as many as the quantity of the sites themselves. Here are a couple of items I came across this week that tickled my funny bone.

First off to politics. A couple of months ago our Governor General got into a bit of a brouhaha when she visited Northern Canada and ate a piece of raw heart from a seal. This week, our Prime Minister is carrying the flag in the far North and CanWest reporter David Akin sent this tongue-in-cheek tweet:

Buzz in Iqaluit this morning: @pmharper photo op this morning will involve seals -- possibly the edible kind. GG eat your heart out :)

Move over octomom! Our next brouhaha can be found in Tunisia where the Daily Telegraph is reporting a woman there is set to give birth to 12 babies. She's ignited a medical controversy because she wants to have them naturally. Her hubby must be singing that old Lionel Richie nugget "Once, twice, three times, four times, five times, six times, seven times, eight times, nine times, ten times, eleven times, twelve times a lady." Or all 12 verses of "You're Having My Baby."

Get this. Police in Long Beach, New Jersey created a brouhaha when they took Bob Dylan into custody and didn't even know who he was. Media reports had fun with this one. Dylan was out in the rain wearing two raincoats over a hooded track suit purportedly checking out one of Bruce Springsteen's childhood homes. He does this from time to time. When he played Winnipeg recently he visited Neil Young's childhood residence. In Jersey though someone in the house called the cops after they saw Bob peeking in a window. He had no ID and even though he said he was Bob Dylan, the guys in blue were skeptical. So, I wonder if the guy in the house told Bob "go away from my window, leave at your own chosen speed" And did his entourage ask him after he was released "how does it feel to be on your own like a complete unknown?" I guess now he knows what it's like "to be stuck inside of Jersey with the Long Beach blues again". And I wonder if the cops said to their unidentifiable perp:

Because something is happening here
But you don't know what it is
Do you, Mister Jones?

Finally, this story. I and everyone else not from Toronto love to put Toronto down. Me - because my brother lives there. Everyone else - because it's like our national past-time. Well Coors Light in British Columbia has undertaken an ad campaign that's got Torontonians up in arms. What's causing all the fuss? One little billboard:

Yesterday, bowing to public pressure (of overly sensitive Torontonians!) Coors decided to pull the ad. Now, THAT's what you'd call a brew-ha-ha!


Last day to leave a caption. Winner to be announced tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
noname, love the Dylan story and references-HA!

As for that Coors ad-LMAO!
Anonymous said…
Uh're gonna cause another brouhaha.

It wasn't "twelve times a lady."

It was "twelve times a BABY!"

hee hee hoho hahahahahaha

Funny post noname!
Nooter said…
shoulda been "colder than a torontonians tush on a toboggan trail"!
Nice bit about Dylan! I love the idea of Bob as a peeping Tom, wearing two raincoats and a hoodie, peeking into Bruce's childhood home. And for what, I wonder? Some historical musical insight that only he understands? Well, whatever, he's The Bob, and I worship him.
nonamedufus said…
subtorp77: The Dylan story was just made to make fun of.

Quirks: hahaha, right. Thanks.

Nooter: Torontonians were interviewed by CTV about this whole thing and one said Toronto's not cold, we're coooool!"

MikeWJ: Oh right. He was just like a character out of one of his songs!
Marvin D Wilson said…
LOL - LOVE the billboard. Personally I'm a big fan of Toronto - my favorite big city.

Cool blog, follwed ya over from blogger buddy the Quirkster. I'll be back. ;)

The Old silly
CatLadyLarew said…
What fun is it if you can't even drink beer & make fun of your neighbors? Talk about cold...
Anonymous said…
noname, Bob should've heeded Louie the King's directions and continued on towards Desolation Row, wot? Via Highway 61, of course-heh...
nonamedufus said…
Marvin: Any friend of Quirks is a friend of mine.

CatLady: Tell me about it. Cheers.

subtorp77: Very good! The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.
Pulling the ads suck. About ten years ago (maybe more, my mind is often fuzzy), there was a campaign right here in Toronto that was making fun of Torontonians. I recall one that said, "Some people think Toronto is shallow -- be we have several levels of underground shopping." Stuff like that.

I say put back the ads. To not make fun of Torontonians is to actively dis them.
Anonymous said…
noname, nice ;)
Canadian Blend said…
I honeymooned in Toronto the first time I got married. (And Vancouver the second time... I do all honeymooning up north.)

It was January 18, cold and windy. And we'd not taken sock hats with us. I don't know what we were thinking -- Canada in the winter? A person should expect it to be cold.
nonamedufus said…
Frank: Precisely. Making fun of folks from Toronto is the Canadian way.

subtorp77: ;)

Canadian Blend: Sock hat? I think you're describing that unique piece of Canadian apparel The Toque
Pulling the ads suck. About ten years ago (maybe more, my mind is often fuzzy), there was a campaign right here in Toronto that was making fun of Torontonians. I recall one that said, "Some people think Toronto is shallow -- be we have several levels of underground shopping." Stuff like that.

I say put back the ads. To not make fun of Torontonians is to actively dis them.

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