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Walking In A Winner Wonderland

Not only was this week's pic a tad bizarre, but it was hard for folks to come up with a caption. But they tried, they really tried.

For example Quirky Loon came up with:

Pack this you tub of derm!

(Get it? = pachyderm! Great one Quirks.)

Always among our honourable mentions lotgk posted:

Even the animals are going berserk in Britney Spears Circus tour.

But it was Don Beyond Left Field who scored a winner with:

Sorry old boy, but we have no room for your trunk.

Way to go Don. You have the privilege this week to tell yer blogger homies...

I Be Hangin' With nonamedufus!

Thanks to all who played. Tune in next week. Same time, same blog.

And keep on trunkin'



Quirkyloon said…
Ah! Yes Don's was the best...congrats to him!

I feel honored for an honorable mention and I knew you would understand my quirky way of thinking. (Not many do!)

heh heh heh

Thanks Noname! You Da Best!
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: I expected nothing less from you. hahaha
Winky Twinky said…
Congrats Don!! I had nothing... but it's fun to check out the submissions anyway...
lotgk said…
It's an honor just to be mentioned.
nonamedufus said…
Winky: You should submit a caption this week.

lotgk: Yours are always top quality. You're due for a win!
lotgk said…
I just like to play and read the other funny captions.

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