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What Follows Limnology in the Dictionary? Limo!

You know when I lay awake at nights counting sheep or the hairs on my nose I think of all kinds of things. Like at what point does partly cloudy become partly sunny? Or why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

Last night I got to thinking and pulled out the dictionary, opened it to a random page, closed my eyes and stabbed with my finger, landing upon the word "limnology". What? I can't write about that! Besides the theme for this week's Theme Thursday is "limo".

Limo it is.

You know, those fancy cars? Limousines? I know I'll never afford to buy one, let alone rent one for a special occasion. They're meant for celebrities pulling up at awards shows. You know when they're not driving their hybrid Hummers.

But there are some less traditional limos out there and you just know I'm gonna highlight them for you...

I might be able to afford a French cow...

Or maybe a German fruit drink...

I perhaps could afford this limo from a red-neck neighbourhood...

Or this limo from an Afghan neighbourhood...

I'm really hot to trot for this Amish limo...

Think I'm pullin' yer leg (yuk, yuk)? Well, just to prove there's no photoshoppin' going on here's another pic...with the Amish passengers and Amish chauffeur included.

Cool, huh?

Of course the most famous limo chauffeur of all was Robert De Niro in the movie Taxi Driver. Here's a little Sesame Street homage...

And finally, here's some limo humour (like this post wasn't?). Did you hear the one about...
The limousine was taking the beautiful raven-haired model to the airport. Halfway there, the front tire went flat. The model said, "Driver, I don't have time to wait for road service. Can you change it yourself? " The driver said, "Sure. " He got out of the car and proceeded to change the tire, but couldn't get the wheel cover off. The model saw him struggling and asked, "Do you want a screwdriver? " He said "Sure! But, first I have to change this tire. "
Be sure and visit Theme Thursday for more limos.


subtorp77 said…
bwahahahahahaaaa...ha! I almost used the redneck and horsey ones, I swear! But ended up deleting them-LOL! And clever on the French one :)
Quirkyloon said…
Hee hee hee! AND those can't be Amish chilluns! They would never expose so much flesh!

hee hee

Good one Noname (as usual). *smile*
John J Savo said…
Hybrid Hummer: When you get a blow job from two chicks simultaneously instead of one.
Brian Miller said…
lol. i may just be able to afford a few of those...
I wants me one of them redneck limos!
nonamedufus said…
subtorp77: Yeah, I went for the unusual.

Quirks: Thank you ma'am. I loved the De Niro take-off

John: I like yours better than mine.

Brian: I think you can get a great discount.

MikeWJ: You might be a redneck if you think the last words to
The Star Spangled Banner are
"Gentlemen, start your engines."
Tom said…
i'm glad i wasn't taking a drink when i read that, cause i actually snorted! Classic!
nonamedufus said…
Tom: Glad you enjoyed it. Was fun putting it together.
Don said…
I'm sorry. Every time I come here I get sidetracked looking at the caption "kick ass" award from Chica. Now what were you talking about?
willow said…
FUN-eeee! Thanks for the TT giggles.
Wings said…
Cool pics & a cool post! :)
nonamedufus said…
Don: Can't say as I blame you. Why do you think I look at my own blog 3x a day.

Willow: Thank you and you're welcome.

Wings: I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Baino said…
Haha . .much fun. A couple of TT's have your pics but nobody's posted a joke yet! I was similarly surfing and kept kicking up a comedy act called Limo . .buggered if I knew where they were from, I couldn't understand a word they said!
Kris said…
Bert really IS evil!
nonamedufus said…
Baino: Yeah I had the pics and the De Niro take-off but I needed one more thing. That joke seemed to cap things off.

Kris & Megan: Wasn't that great. He needs to wash his mouth out with soap!
mark said…
I'm just looking for limousine hire but i reckon the horse would definitely have room for me and my bride to be! and maybe the bridesmaids too!
Dot-Com said…
Ha ha, the limo horse is excellent!
nonamedufus said…
mark: Sure, but don't ask me where you can rent one!

dot-com: Yeah it would make for a handsome cab (get it? handsome cab, hansom cab=limo, ok, ok, ok)

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