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They Got A Name For The Winners In The World And I Want A Name When I Lose

They call Alabama the Crimson Tide
Call me Dufus Blues

Damn right I've got the blues

That's right folks...your gentle blogger buddy lost in the Tribal Blogs Extreme Blog Makeover Contest. You heard about that satellite hurtling towards earth last week? Well, it fell right on me. Not only did I lose but I tied with that damn little cheese head, Nicky, my nasty nemesis. I couldn't even beat the little brie brat. But all's not fair in love or blog contests.

My hat's off to Salmon Like the Fish. She got off to a late start but I think her extolling people to vote for her on X Factor at the last minute pretty much sewed up her win. Even though Simon told Salmon he'd heard better on Karaoke Battle USA.

And to my fellow Canuck, Nicky, from We Work For Cheese here's to you girl. After dissing each other in countless comments on Facebook, on each other's blog, Twitter, Google+ and the CBC News Network who is left standing? Neither of us, I'm afraid. But it was all in good fun. She's one funny lady and a hell of a good sport. And our relationship has that unique je ne sais quoi that binds us together eternally: we still both have fairly crappy looking blogs.

Nicky lives in Montreal, you know. I'm not too far away in Aylmer Quebec, across the river from Ottawa. For you Americans Nicky and I are practically next door neighbours. Oh yeah. "Nicky, you got some parmesan I can borrow?"

But that's okay. I'm not bitter that I lost (pass another lime, please) I lost. Nor that Tribal Blogs got a mountain of free publicty. You see, each time Nicky and I dropped another one on each other we, of course, linked back to Tribal Blogs (damn, I just did it again.). And I think I speak for Nicky when I say neither of us is embarrassed after blathering and gushing like giddy school girls over Tribal Blogs founder Jennifer (known as Redhead Ranting) and "mod" Kelly (who goes by the handle of Cardiogirl) all over TB and up and down Facebook for the last week. Oh, sorry, Jen, once I saw the writing on the wall I cancelled that bulk shipment of pea meal bacon I was sending to you. Want a Tim-bit? Kelly, no chocolate for you!

I want to thank my faithful followers and the odd family member (Whitey is odd, isn't he?) for their votes. I appreciate your support.

And Nicky? Looks like that knockout pink sundress didn't work for either of us.

Nicky in her pink sundress. 
A picture of me in mine is not available at this time.


meleahrebeccah said…
Oh man. I'm sorry neither you or Nicky won the contest. [sad face]
nonamedufus said…
Yeah, them's the breaks. At least we had a lot of fun loosing.
quirkyloon said…
Pea meal bacon? I see why you lost.

Pea meal bacon?


hee hee

And condolences to you buddy. Hey, I'll take a stab at yer blog ifn you want me to. I can't guarantee that it will look good or that you won't lose EVERYTHING, but hey...if you're willing...

hee hee hee
nonamedufus said…
What do people have against pea meal bacon? I know it's a Canadian thing, eh, but why can't we all just live peace, love and harmony...and pea meal bacon.

Really. Do you have any thoughts as to what I should do?
And you lost in both leagues in fantasy football to round out the week too. ;-) You really are a loser!
nonamedufus said…
Don't rub it in. It was no fun at all losing in fantasy football. I think my teams need a makeover.
My teams too...especially in the HBFFL, which ironically is the team I like the best. Go figure.
00dozo said…
Hey, I don't get it. When the polls closed I saw that you and WWFC were tied in votes?

No worries, dufus. You are eligible for $100 discount on a makeover. I hope the offer doesn't 'self-destruct' in time should you not choose such mission.

Frankly, I don't think your blog needs much of a makeover anyway. It's neat and simple, and easy to read (a big plus with my eyesight), and it's not so "busy". I really hate those sites that have links to god-knows-where and where you might get tagged for porn pop-ups (euphemism intended).

But, if you have any surplus pea meal ...

nonamedufus said…
Yeah, Nicky and I tied. That's what I said in the first paragraph there sharp eye. Of course the $100 discount means I have to pay $200. Some consolation prize. Ah, well, their hearts are in the right place.

I'm thinking of adorning my blog with pics of and links to pea meal bacon. Waddaya think?
Nicky said…
Nicely done, Dufus. You fought the good fight, and I am proud to be your equal in loser-ness. Thank you for those kind words mixed in there with the less than kind words. You know I feel the same about you. And, while the pink sundress may not have won me the contest, I wouldn't say it didn't work for me. :-)
nonamedufus said…
I'm really pleased with myself over the title for this post. It's from a Steely Dan song - Deacon Blue - that I was listening to on my iPhone while I was out for a walk last week. When I heard the lyric I knew it was perfect. The post flowed from that.

Well, Nicky, that was a lot of fun. I don't really care that I didn't win whatever it was we were competing for. The fun was poking fun at each other. You know I was going to e-mail you and ask if you wanted to have some fun with this. I certainly didn't need to. You clued in real fast. It is an honour to lose with you.

Um, sorry, you're right that the pink dress does work for you. Me, on the other hand... :0

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