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Sunday Funnies


Nicky said…
LOVE the newspaper headline "Poll: Everybody disapproves of everything"!!
nonamedufus said…
Yeah me too. And they certainly disapprove of you winning the Tribal Blogs Makeover Contest!
Love the lol, by the way. So I missed the news of the U.S. Postal Service going completely under? I knew they were looking to close some offices...but everything?
Nipsy said…
Hahaha.. the snail mail killer is my fav... Just found out last night they're closing a major post office up in the city, luckily they're leaving our tiny one alone
Jaffer said…
She won ? Then obviously it was rigged !
nonamedufus said…
Poor verb tense choice. Should probably have read "...certainly would disapprove if you win". This isn't over yet!
nonamedufus said…
Yeah, LOL. It's an internet thing.
nonamedufus said…
It's the same thing here respecting the demise of the postal service at the hands of the internet. We had a postal strike recently. I don't think many people noticed.
nonamedufus said…
I think it's the way we're headed. People are relying more and more on the internet. Who writes a letter nowadays?
quirkyloon said…
The LOL one is my fave today. But there are lots of funnies.

However, the most ridiculous one is the SpongeBob. UNBELIEVABLE that anyone would disparage watching just the the best CARTOON ever. hee hee

But I have no opinion on the matter.

nonamedufus said…
Quirks, you know the thing about that SpongeBob cartoon is...look a squirrel!
No, I knew that...I meant LOL that she won and you didn't. I was sort of being facetious. :)
00dozo said…
There is affordable manufacturing in Canada? Who knew? Lemme guess, it's a football equipment manufacturer.

nonamedufus said…
Sure there is. And we want to sell stuff to the States who just instituted a Buy American policy. A football equipment manufacturer would be win-win.
00dozo said…
I remember the States instituting a "Buy American" policy many, many (oh, so too many) years ago. If I recall, not soon afterwards, 'farm-a-cology' took over and most jobs went to countries that had cheap labour (Mexico comes to mind) merely because of the cheaper labour but the U.S. tax laws as well. The politics in this were/are so convoluted - if not questionable - but, like the song says, "Who's Sorry Now?"

(My apologizes for the foregoing rant but it's Sunday and Jayne ( is not around right now.)

Considering that the U.S. seems to be placing more importance on football than its economy, having a (Canadian) manufacturer of such sports equipment would definitely be a win-win. Hell, it might even earn Canada a seat in Congress.

Okay, my bad.

nonamedufus said…
Obama seems to have forgotten a little something called a Free Trade Agreement.

You should have guest-blogged for Jayne in her absence.
00dozo said…
The FTA? *stomach turns* It basically screwed Canada on the soft lumber issue. Again. But let's not go there.

As for "guest-blogging" for Jayne, I'll take that as a compliment (thank you). Unfortunately, I'd have to look up shit. I generally have to to that to understand some of these political cartoons.


Speaking of which, I have no idea what the Dallas Cowboys thing is all about, but it's on 60 Minutes tonight.

Football. Again.

Go figure.

nonamedufus said…
It's actually the Indianapolis Colts who lost their highly paid QB to injury indefinitely this season.

(It was meant as a compliment.)

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