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Pause Ponder and Pun #97

Oops, I forgot to number last week's Pause Ponder and Pun. Must be getting old. Well that's true enough, but last week I switched to the new Blogger "compose" format and it doesn't provide titles you've used before as you start to type the same title. The last PPP and it's number would pop up and all I'd have to do was change the number. Ah, the secret tricks of a blogger. So now you know.

Anyhoo, on with this week's pic.

Is it puppy love?

Obviously this little piggy stayed home.

So wadddaya think?

I'm looking forward to some "sty"-lish captions this week.

You can work out your drafts with a "pen" if you like.

I'll see you all back here Saturday.

Leave as many captions as you like. Just don't "hog" the comment section, eh?


Skeeter- said…
They knew from the beginning their mama was a bitch, but later learned she worked @ the " boar house"!
Whitey said…
The grunt of the litter.
Whitey said…
The grunt of the litter.
Skeeter- said…
The economy was so bad, the pups had to grow their own chew toy
quirkyloon said…
Uh oh. I think Whitey got this one right!

But lemme give it a go!

At last! A swine amongst the bitches! Wheeeeeee!
00dozo said…
Hmmm ... bacon bits.

I really got nothin`on this one. So far, Skeeter and Whitey are in the running.

Other than that, all I have to say is, aww, how cute!

Nicky said…
John knew he would never be able to pass the puppies off as purebreds.
Nicky said…
From "Best In Show" to "Best In Sow"
Shawn said…
Break time at the Tea Party debate.
Madge said…
In China, dog is the other white meat
Skeeter- said…
The old addage: if u lay down with dogs, u wake up with fleas. If u lay down with a hog, wadda ya get?
00dozo said…
Lord of the Fleas?
LOTGK said…
Rosie O'Donnell and her cast chillin after taping another promo of her new daytime television show on the OWN channel.

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