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Pause Ponder and Pun #81

Is this how you do it?

You tell me.

Leave me your caption.

We'll s(n)ort things out Saturday.


Skeeterphonics said…
What the Fuck are you looking at, never seen a blonde snorting coke before??
Cheryl P. said…
Snorting coke lite

I can't afford Astelin or Nasonex but this should work.
00dozo said…
I think she's a little "cracked" in the head.
quirkyloon said…
Coke isn't always the REAL thing.

BTW, 00dozo hit it again for me! LOL
Whitey said…
Finally, evidence that Coke's competitors tampered with their product before asking the public to take the Pepsi Challenge
K A B L O O E Y said…
Purple Pamela used to do speedballs, but they made her stop sticking her head in front of the pitching machine. Then she tried moving on to horse, but wouldn't you know? Another concussion when it kicked her.
Raymond said…
After Madonna, Jim Croce inspires this Lady GaGA newest single : "If I could sniff Coke in a bottle"
Raymond said…
Harold Camping's disciple NostrilDamus confirms end of the world!
Madge said…
I snort Diet Coke because I want to keep my girlish figure

Once I finish snorting this coke my boyfriend said he’d make the tramp stamp between my eyes bigger. What? That’s not where it goes? Shit!!!
00dozo said…
Hey, I remember "Nooly" in that Mad Magazine issue!

(Ooops, there I go, dating myself again, else no one has a clue of what I'm talking about and think I'm the one with the Coke bottle.)
00dozo said…
(Thanks, Q!)

And, hey, it could be the "real" thing.

Josie said…
I've tried snorting coke but the bubbles always get up my noise. . .
Josie said…
er nose, not noise. . .sorry, was a pathetic attempt.
Skeeterphonics said…
And Mama said masturbating would make me cross-eyed

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