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Pause Ponder and Pun #76

Talk about a flight to nowhere!

What's your take?

Leave me a caption and we'll touch down with a winner Saturday.


HEY! Speaking of flights to nowhere, jet on over to Parody Files today for my take on Gary Busey's departure from Celebrity Apprentice. In the thoughtful thespian's own words, "you'll be dancing on rainbow's" Oh, yeah.


ba_hutch said…
Joe, going on his first date with Wonder Women, is a little leery about letting her drive...
Moooooog35 said…
The day Linda Carter was planejacked.
Moooooog35 said…
"Trust us, Joe. We just put a fresh coat of invisible paint on it.'
LOTGK said…
Air Force Pranks.
Only the fool gets hurt.

The New Stealth Bomber makes it debut.
Madge said…
Don't ask don't tell? I'm out and I'm proud, watch me mount this giant invisible penis.
laughingmom said…
April Fools!
David Copperfield
Count Sneaky said…
Whadya mean LINDSAY LOHAN was here first?
skeeter said…
" if Obama is a real president, im a real jet-airplane pilot"!
Boom Boom Larew said…
Neil Armstrong rethinks his famous quote, "That's one giant step for man..."
Raymond said…
STEP ON THE YELLOW LINE. FAA's new test for pilots flying while under influence.
00dozo said…
Not realizing it was a prank, USMC Mechanic Gomer Pyle attempts to board the 'new and improved' stealth bomber to complete repairs.

(yeah, I got nuthin' this week)

LOL@Boom Boom!
00dozo said…
Just another reason why I do not fly.
Whenever Air Force Pilot Steven Cassidy hears the song "Toe to Toe" by Kid N' Play, he feels compelled to "kick it old school."

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