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Pause Ponder and Pairs of Military Puns


Our captioners came well armed this week. Even though I thought this was the guy they originally hired before Tom Cruise to tell Jack Nicholson that he couldn't handle the truth. But I digress.

laughingmom marched right in with:

Hey! Who stole my bugle?!?

Last week's winner Raymond demonstrated a little rear guard action with:

And then Louie sat on his bayonet.

Perennial runner-up 00dozo lobbed this one in:

Sgt. Stern suddenly discovers he was unsuccessful in squeaking
out a "silent one" during troop inspection.

But it was LOTGK who made me surrender with:

A very rare military photo of comedian Jerry Lewis

You know when I see LOTGK's acronym I always think of that Andy Kaufman character on TAXI - Latka or else I think of the simplest model of predator-prey interactions known as the Lotka-Volterra. Believe me this model's no Victoria Secret. But, hey, that's a story for a whole other time. But, nope, it really stands for Lurking On The Grassy Knoll. Hey, I do my research!

Congratulations LOTGK. You be hangin' with dufus this week. Should we grab a brewski or sumpin'? Way to go, guy.

And again thanks to all for playing. Click on these guys links and see just how funny they can be on their own blogs. Tell 'em dufus sent ya.


Oh, and before I let you go I just wanted to clear up a misconception several of you had in the comments to yesterday's post. Some of you thought that bobble head of Our Green Party leader Elizabeth May bore an uncanny resemblance to America's Republican candidate Sarah Palin. Well, you be the judge.

Elizabeth May - The Anne of Green Gables Candidate

Sarah Palin - The Out Of This World Candidate


Jaffer said…
Hahaha... "Anne of 'Green' Gables" ... dignified.
00dozo said…
It's pretty quiet today on the Northern front, eh dufus??

Congrats LOTGK! I knew your 'name' had something to do with conspiracy theories but like dufus, I generally misread it as 'potato pancake'.

Congrats, too, to the other honourables. Thanks for another mention dufus.

And I don't think Elizabeth May looks anything like Palin - JMHO. She does, however, remind me of "Annie" from the movie Misery.
Anonymous said…
Ah! She's a cross between Kathy Bates and Sarah Palin!

Now I have NO clue what she stands for Noname? But based on this ONE observation alone...

Don't VOTE for her.

hee hee hee

And congrats to LOTGA! (hee hee) I know, I know it's LOTGK. I just kinda prefer the LOTGA. Can't it be Laughing On The Grassy AREA? Or Anus?

nonamedufus said…
Jaffer: I thought she really looked like A of GG grown up, sorta.
nonamedufus said…
00dozo: Yeah, latkes, that was the other one. And now that you mention it May does look like Cathy Bates. If elected she'd probably give us nothing but misery. hahahaha
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: She's the environmental candidate; head of the Green Party. And she already is standing. (She's quite short.)
LOTGK said…
I must confess, I was going with Latka but I never knew how to spell his name. Thanks for clearing that up. This now gives a whole new meaning to my blog.

But, the silver lining, maybe now the conspiracy that Andy Kauffman is still alive can now be put to rest.

*Ps: I knew the blackmail photo I sent you would get me a win this week.
nonamedufus said…
LOTGK: Photo, what photo?

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