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Pause Ponder and the Human Pretzel

This week's pic showed how really twisted some of you guys are. We had a lot of good captions and many birthday and blogaversary wishes, too. Thanks guys. Okay let's see if we can unravel things. We'll start with some honourable mentions...

Leroy finally figured out where that smell was coming from.

A possible side-effect resulting from the new and improved KY products?

I'm gonna hafta bow out of this one; the competition is just too twisted.

And just like that, Rodney invented the highway off-ramp.
(T-shirts and mugs now available)
Whitey (via Facebook)

Good one Jim, er, ah, Whitey but funnily enough Rodney er, ah, Moooooog wins this week with:

If I could do this, I'd never leave the house.

Way to go Moooooog. You be hangin' with dufus this week, literally. Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a caption. Back again next Wednesday with another edition of Pause Ponder and Pun.


Anonymous said…
Yay for mooooooog35 for "winning!" (again hee hee hee)

And yay for ME cuz I was an honorable mention!

And yay for the others for their honorable mentions!


It's a yay of a way to start my day!

Dr. Suess ain't got nuttin' on me! Except for the millions, of course.

nonamedufus said…
Quirks: Yeah Moooooog is, duh, winning. There was a time this pic might have inspired the following: "Attention, in the event of a nuclear attack bend over, stick your head between your legs, and kiss your ass good-bye".
00dozo said…
Congrats Moooooog!

And congrats to the other honourees!

Thanks for another mention, dufus!

Ha! Your comment about the nuclear attack brings up the instructions for a crash landing in a plane, except they leave out the kissing part. I guess that is implied.

(Dang it's quiet around these parts these days ... almost too quiet ... *phrrrsst*. Ooops, that might explain it.)
nonamedufus said…
00dozo: You said/did *phrrsst*! hahaha Better living through natural gas.
00dozo said…
I meant it to be silent, not deadly. I think I might have gassed half of your followers. Sorry.
nonamedufus said…
00dozo: So that's what cleared the place out. Whew!

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