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Well Wisher



PhilH said…

I like your blog but do you think you could link to your source material a bit more often please?

As creators they should get credit.

This one's from


nonamedufus said…
As a long-term reader of this blog you'll realize I'm pretty religious when it coms to citing sources, unless the source is already clearly indicated on the item. Click on the "merci" under each item to see the source. This one slipped through and has been rectified.
PhilH said…
Cheers. :-)
DouglasDyer said…
"Slipped through and has been rectified" sounds naughty.
Mike said…

Now I can't pick up chicks using my wishing well scam.


Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to give PhilH a hard time.

PhilH said…
Mike, I apologise.

I owe you a biscuit.
Anonymous said…
I don't' EVEN wanna know what *that* above comment exchange was all about...

Just dropped by..

Ms. Thirty-something
nonamedufus said…
Doug: That's what she said last night.

Mike, Miss 30: sigh...;)

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