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Blogoversary II - Bacon and Beer

What 2 things set a guy's heart a-flutter? Love and marriage? A horse and carriage? Betty Jo and her sister Flo? A big screen TV and sports channels free? Nope none of the above, although Betty Jo and her sister Flo watching sports with me might be interesting. But I digress. Nothing gets those juices flowin' and those brain cells explodin' more than bacon and beer. I think it must be a guy thing, or something utterly pavlovian, but I know my tongue simply starts droolin' when I see bacon or beer. And over the last two years I've done plenty of droolin' as the following highlights will attest.

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DouglasDyer said…
Push button receive bacon??? My life had no meaning until this very moment. Now, I must find that button.
I know what I'm doing with my next batch of bacon. CHOCOLATE!! Sounds strange, but I'll try anything once.
I'm so jealous I'm celebrating my one-year bloggiversary <-- note different spelling so mine is completely different from yours -- with donuts and coffee. But you've got bacon and beer. Somehow I think you'll have more visitors. ;)
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nonamedufus said…
Doug: bacon zen

Mary: Interesting concoction. Let me know if your like it.

unfinishedrambler: Let's lift a glass to each other regardless of it's contents. Happy "bloggiversary".
Mike said…
I'm 31 and after reading this post I had a heart attack via bacon and beer osmosis.

That's how powerful your message of cholesterol is.
Nooter said…

that is the greatest looking sandwich ive ever seen. pray tell kind sir, where did you procure such a delightful snak??
Chris Wood said…
Oh man, a walk in fridge full of beer. Someone in that ad agency earned their pay!
Lady Sarcasm said…
Keep the beer, but toss me some bacon, yum!! That last vid was hilarious hehe. Congrats on the year! Cheers to another one :)
nonamedufus said…
Mike: don't under-estimate the power of bacon (or beer)

Nooter: I eat one of those every day!

Chris: Yeah, this ad's a hoot!

Lady S: What is it about the hold bacon has over us? Thanks for the kind wishes.

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