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Gliddy Glub Gloopy

Over at Humor Bloggers Dot Com we like to play a little game. The Queen of this game is Quirkyloon. She's forever posting lyrics - often obscure - leaving the rest of us to guess what song they come from. Well, this morning I think I stumped her when I posted:

Gliddy glub gloopy
Nibby nabby noopy
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba nabba
Le le lo lo
Tooby ooby walla
Nooby abba naba
Early morning singing song

Well one of my colleagues thought I was having a heart attack and someone should call 911. And poor Quirky thought I was sendig her a Zombie lullaby.

Both wrong! It's from Good Morning Starshine from the soundtrack of Hair, a peace and love musical that opened off-Broadway in 1967 and made it to film in 1979 with John Savage, Treat Williams and Beverly D'Angelo.

So Quirky, darlin', this is for you...


Anonymous said…
Noname? You're the best Dude!

Da best!

I lurved it. And was that really Bev doing the singing?

Purdy good, purdy good.

And yes sir...YOU STUMPED ME!

And I absolutely ADORE that you called me the Queen.

Mike said…
I believe you were looking for stroke.

I thought you were having a stroke.

Maybe you are having a stroke. How's the left side of your body feelin'? :P
HEY!! I knew that song!! Got it right away, as a matter of fact. I am obviously very proud of myself at this moment.
nonamedufus said…
Quirk: No, you da best!

Mike: Stroke, heart attack - whichever I think it was due to all that beer and bacon from yesterday! The left side of my body's feelin' gliddy glub gloopy.

Mary: I think some of us are showing our age...;)
Hindleyite said…
Aw no, now you've got me whistling Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles for the rest of the week!

I know that wasn't the song, but I've never heard it before so I pretended I was listening to a different one ;)
nonamedufus said…
Hindleyite: You Brits and your Beatles. Starshine, Starshine!
little paulie mann said…
If you really want to enjoy that musical the original cast is still topnotch. I remember hearing it for the first time while I was enjoying a psychedelic substance and it was the best. I got to meet and be friends with Emmaretta Marks when I lived in Wdstk, NY. She was one of the originals and still has a great voice. Melba Moore was also in it and I still am madly in love with her talent.

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