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Don't Worry Baby

This week's group from the 60s is an American outfit that were severely displaced by the British invasion of the early 60s. Best known as the proponents of "surfing music" the Beach Boys formed in 1961 and their story reads like a soap opera: a domineering father for a manager; drug and mental illness problems; the deaths of Carl and Dennis Wilson; the infighting and lawsuits. It's fascinating stuff...but above it all music fans know it was the harmonies and lush arrangements that made the Beach Boys stand out. Here's an interesting "performance" from 1964's American Bandstand with Dick Clark...


Deb said…
I just love the Beach Boys. What a messed up group of guys, though. This video is pretty funny - such a great 'performance' by all!
DouglasDyer said…
I haven't seen a performance so stiff and awkward since my honeymoon.
Kirsten said…
i love the beach boys.
thanks for that!
Anonymous said…
Arms folded - this book I've been reading lately,

...says that this is a classic sign of arrogance and self-confidence in men.

But then again, the 'jock cup' hands held in front pose, as demonstrated by our friend Brian, reflects he's nervous and unsure of himself. Poor baby..

Ms. Thirty Something
nonamedufus said…
Deb: There's just something about the early 60s that makes me look back with laughter on the music and the fashion.

Doug: Complaining or bragging?

Kirsten: My pleasure; glad you enjoyed it.

30: Interesting. Brian did indeed have his problems.

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