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Blogoversary IV - The Battle Of The Sexes

A lot of the stuff I've shared with readers over the past two years had to do with the differences between men and women. What is it with the portrayal of men vs, women on the internet? Believe me, if there really was a battle of the sexes, the women would win hands down every time. Here's just a few of the men/women items I've posted since April 2007...

Tomorrow: The Best of 60s Fridays


Dalton J. Fox said…
"Believe me, if there really was a battle of the sexes, the women would win hands down every time." -- Truer words were never spoken. They all own us, it's just that most dudes are too dumb to realize it.
nonamedufus said…
DJF: We call them the fairer sex but... well, I guess it's the price we just have to pay.

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