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Rhythm Kings

This week's 60s group isn't a group from the 60s at all, but a group of musicians from the 60s who formed and gained popularity in the late 90s. And given this is Easter weekend (no sacrilege intended) how appropriate we talk about the resurrection of a rock n roller.

Bill Wyman quit the biggest band in the universe in 1992 - the Rolling Stones - only to rise from the dead, as it were, in 1997 with his own group, "Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings". The membership of the group is forever shifting, with folks like Peter Frampton, Georgie Fame and Gary Brooker passing through. Amazing, that at 72 he continues to rock out. His website is amazing. So's this video...


nonamedufus said…
Mallory: You betchya! As cool as they come.

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