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Pause Ponder and Canadian Patriotism

I pulled a fast one on you guys. Yep, it being my centennial edition of Pause Ponder and Pun (that's 100 for the big word-challenged among you) I came up with a pic from Canada's centennial. Yeah, I even had a clue in Wednesday's text:

"Can my readers caption? They sure can, uh, duh." 

can, uh, duh...Ca-na-da...Canada! Brilliant, eh? Well, I kinda thought so.

Sheesh. You Americans just have no sense of humour. Lighten up, will ya?

So when I Googled to find a pic for Canada's centennial I kept getting pictures like this:

Turns out Pamela Anderson, who is Canadian, isn't only known for her, ahem, attributes and a sex tape with Tommy Lee. Nope. The gal has the distinction of being the first baby born on Canada's centennial day, July 1, 1967. Now there's something for us Canadians to be proud of. That's why her picture kept popping up. I knew SHE wasn't 100. Her bust size, maybe.

So, anyway, in 1967 Canada celebrated it's centennial with events across the country throughout the year including a World's Fair in Montreal that came to be known as "Man and His World".

In honour of the country's centennial, Canadian musician Bobby Gimby wrote a little tune called...wait for it...CANADA!

Now, wasn't that special? Hey, it was all the rage in 1967! Gimby became known as "Canada's Pied Piper" because wherever he went and performed little children would follow him about. I don't think any of it was staged. No, that wouldn't happen. I'm sure it was all spontaneous.

I'm a little sad though that no one picked up on the connection. I don't know where Whitey was this week. I'm sure he would have connected the dots. But even ex-pat 00dozo (I don't know why Pat changed her name to 00dozo. Anybody know?) wimped out this week saying she couldn't think of a  caption.  Instead she spent her time explaining to Skeeter what Screech was. And it's not the guy from Saved by the Bell. Have you kissed the cod, Pat, erm, I mean 00dozo?

In honour of our centennial (mine not Canada's) I've decided to make everyone a winner this week. Why not? Your captions were all hilarious. So here they are:

The Pied Pedophile Piper strikes again.

Despite the freak impaled-in-the-skull-by-a-flagpole-incident, 
Frederick knew the show must go in. 

Who was that piccolo I saw you with last night?
That was no piccolo, that was my fife.

"The march of the bastards"
Mind of a Madman

In the US we have the children of the corn.
Guess Canada has the children of the horn.

After having eaten ten cans of beans, Rodney was ready to toot!

Jimmy lived his life on one simple premise:
If you steal their children, through hypnotic horn notes, the MILFs will surely follow.

So you guys, if you want to steal the "I be hangin' with dufus" pic for your blog feel free. You're among a select few who can say "I'm among a select few who can say I won the centennial Pause Ponder and Pun contest and now I be hangin' with dufus".

So what do you guys want to do? Maybe because there's a gang of us we could hit "Wing Night" at Applebee's. I'd be honoured to buy you guys dinner. It's cheap and you can eat all the wings you want. Gee, too bad they didn't have "Beer Night".

And here's to the next 100!

Egads, I can't believe I just said that.


00dozo said…
Congrats, everyone!

Ha! I remember that song, even though I was only four years old in '67. I also remember the dollar bill having the Centennial Leaf imprinted on it, and I even remember the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup! (I blame my grandfather for becoming a die-hard Leafs fan. Hey, it's not like I had the choice at that age.)

As for kissing a cod, the furthest east I've been in Canada is Kingston, Ontario. Alas, with the ban on cod fishing and the unlikely event I'll ever get to Newfoundland, I will never be able to answer the question, "Is ye an honourary Newfoundlander?", with the phrase "Indeed I is me ol' cock, and long may your big jib draw."

And, don't call me Pat, Shirley.

nonamedufus said…
I was 15 and I seem to recall the hostesses at the British pavilion at Man and His World wore mini-skirts.

Until I had the Sens I, too, was a *spits* Leafs fan.

Screech has got to be the most god-awful thing that has ever passed my lips.

And Kingston? I'm off there later today for some golf and a Corona or two with my brothers Whitey and A Touch of Grey.
quirkyloon said…

Totally did not see the obvious.

Hey, what can I say?

I'm a stoopid American.


Happy Centennial to Canada, Pause Ponder, and Pamela's boobies.

hee hee
Laughingmom said…
I guess you are just too punny for us non-Canadian types!
Raymond said…
Pamela Sue, I really like this Canadian Constitution!
K A B L O O E Y said…
I was really psyched for this cheapie fake-win until I saw my typo. I'm not worthy! Good job by the rest of the gang, though!

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