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Biggest Blowout

So here we are heading into Week 6 of the NFL and, more importantly, into the sixth week in the land of football make-believe with that motley crew of rejects who call themselves managers of teams in the Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League.

It's been an interesting first five weeks. Let me recap. The nonames (clever name, eh?) are 3-2-0. Now don't let that mediocre score fool you. In five weeks the nonames have moved from 9th to 4th position, trailing Bourbon Blasters, Predator Press and Purple Drank all at 4-1-0.

But I'm confident the nonames will continue to move forward. After all slow and steady wins the race, football championships and sexual partners.

Anyway, the nonames have already kicked some serious butt in the stats department. They've won the largest margin of victory in a single week category. They're atop the most kicking points in a single week category. And they lead the best single week (474) and best season average (1748) in receiving yards. They also lead the least rushing yards category. but we're not gonna go there.

Now for the largest margin of victory the nonames received the "Biggest Blowout" award. I know. Sounds great, eh, especially considering this was Canada's Thanksgiving weekend. But, hey, I didn't win this award just this weekend. I won it last weekend too! And here's how I shared the news with my Facebook fans:

Two weeks in a row! And I did it without Correctol 50 Plus!

Win with the highest margin of victory

And not to put too fine a point on it but here's how I did it and who I did it to: 

In Week 4: nonames 151 - Bald Spots 85 ... a blowout of 66 points.

In Week 5: nonames 103 - Multiple Scorgasms 66 ... a blowout of 37 points.

So BB, PP and PD watch out. I'm coming for you. And I'm loading up on Corectol 50 Plus. So beware because our blowout could get messy.

I don't know what this means but it had the word "blowout" in it 
and I really liked the picture.


Nicky said…
That Brazilian Blowout picture is not what I would have imagined a picture with the caption Brazilian Blowout to look like. And we'll leave it at that.

Congratulations on the award! Better a Blowout award then a Blowhard award, amiright?
nonamedufus said…
I don't know what a Brazilian Blowout is. Maybe there was a sale on Brahma?

Blowhard award could be for the best smack talk. I have one of those too.

Fantasy Football can be weird like that.
00dozo said…
Go nonames! So, when do we get the finger? (The sponge sports glove type, I mean.)

Linda Medrano said…
One of the young women I got my new dog Zoe from is from Brazil. She is quite lovely too. All I care about football is that finally Alex Smith seems to be connecting and the 49ers won two weeks in a row. The Raiders, (my other favorite team) also won last weekend and looked good except for all the penalties but hey, they are the Oakland Raiders so what are you gonna do.

There's a fantasy about football? I've never had one.
nonamedufus said…
Well, I don't have any 49rs on my teams but I've got Oakland running back Michael Bush on one team with 35 points so far this season and kicker Sebastian Janikowski with 51 points on my other team.

The thing about fantasy football is you no longer cheer for teams but for individual players. It's a strange way to watch football.
nonamedufus said…
HaHaHa. When I'm #1.

You know I bet a middle finger sponge sports glove would be a big seller. Fans could wear them when the "other" team has the ball. I'd like one to wear while I'm driving.

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