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Pause Ponder and Pun #86

Well I hate to needle you but it's that time again.

Let's see if you can inoculate folks with your humour.

I'm a big booster of you commenters, so leave a caption or two and we'll prick, er, pick a winner Saturday.


moooooog35 said…
A young Jackie Chan becomes the first recipient of China's new super-soldier serum.
Cheryl P. said…
Ralphie's Asian counterpart......

OH FUDGE....only he didn't say fudge, he said THE WORD, the big one, the Queen Mother of dirty words, the F dash, dash, dash word
Cheryl P. said…

(to get the humor of this one you have to know that heo is the Vietnamese word for pig)
Madge said…
Whory motha of god zirra and mothla that hurts!!
quirkyloon said…
White people think they know everything: well I'll show them, hai ya!
Cheryl P. said…
Desperate times call for desperate poems

There once was a nurse named Belle,
Whose patient let out a big yell,
You hurt my poor arm
He said with alarm
Now you can go straight to hell
00dozo said…
The class bully is suddenly outed as the class weenie.
00dozo said…
Wan thought that the permission slip his parents' had signed was for a class field trip to the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
00dozo said…
"I'd better be getting fries with that!"

(Really, I have no idea ...)
Cheryl P. said…
I know you are seriously tired of me by now, aren't you nonamedufus????

One more then I will leave you alone...

Another poem as I am in a rhyming mood this afternoon..

There once was a little boy Puck
Who with a needle was stuck
He yelled at the nurse
and gave her a curse
He said " Ouch, what the F***
Skeeterphonics said…
Hey, this must have been the what happened just before last weeks ppp

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