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Pause Ponder and Poke Fun At Asian People

We had quite a discussion in the comments this week, prompted by Madge, who wrote a very funny, yet what might be considered by some bordering on culturally insensitive post featuring Asian folks. Oh, well. Screw 'em if they can't take a joke, eh Madge?

Speaking of Madge, if we were to base our winner on sheer volume both Madge and Cheryl P. would have both won this week, hands down. Way to contribute ladies!

As ever, we had many great captions, making it difficult to narrow our submissions down. But I think you'll like what we've come up with.

Personally, I thought this guy was just let go from a computer firm in China because he totally blew it when he was asked for his IP address. No, eh?

So let's see who else flung dung, er, who said what...

Jin does nothing to help the Asian stereotype of being called a 'yellow man'.

After being challenged by local thugs, Wing runs away humiliated for misinterpreting what was meany by a "pissing contest".

This is the exact opposite of a whiz kid, although he did get the whiz part right.

Hey, is that P. Did-he?
Cheryl P.

Our winner this week, I think, was trying to suck up to me. And she totally succeeded with...

Pause, ponder and pee.

Ha, ha Paula, that was very good. The definitive response, I think. I loved it. That really was the ideal pun. So you be hangin' with the dufus this week. Watchya wanna do? We better not drink too much 'cause ya know we may have to pause ponder and pee. Ha, ha, ha.

Oh, and I should point out. None of us have anything against Asian people. Some of our best friends are Asian people. Madge just thinks we should be fair and democratic and insult everyone! Just kidding, Madge.

See everyone next week.


Boom Boom Larew said…
Sucking up is what I do best! Henry and I will be right over to do some hangin'... as soon as we pause, ponder and pee. (Knowing Henry, there will probably be some poop thrown in for extra measure!)
nonamedufus said…
No problem/ You'll just have to pause ponder and poop along the way. Congratulations Boom Boom. Well done.
Cheryl P. said…
Congrats, Boom Boom. That was the perfect pun. Genius!!! Have fun pausing, pondering, peeing and pooping. Good times with the dufus.

See ya next week in the comments.

Cheryl P.
nonamedufus said…
We'll be good. After all, I don't think Boom Boom or I want to pause ponder and puke.
00dozo said…
Congrats, Boom Boom!! Sucking up is always a good option. Heh, heh.

And, congrats to all the honourables!

Thanks for another mention, dufus! I guess "Manneken Pis" was a bit obscure.

Oh, and I give you an honourable mention (read "groan") for your remark about the "IP address"!!

nonamedufus said…
It was obscure. You made me google it. Once I had the context your remark was, indeed, quite funny. But so was the "pissing contest" line. I thought IP address was a natural. Thanks.
quirkyloon said…
Congrats to Boom Boom. Boom! She did it again! heh heh
nonamedufus said…
Yeah, she did it again. But we'll just keep that between us. Oh, she won again. Yeah, right.
Jayne said…
Congrats, Boom Boom... That's a good one!
K A B L O O E Y said…
Boom Boom; what a week you're having! And the guy on the right could certainly take some "right place, right time" peeing lessons from Henry.
And good for you for being funny with this week's photo. I just couldn't find a way that didn't make me feel crappy about myself.
nonamedufus said…
I think with all her dog training Boom Boom was a shoe in this week. She knows all about urine spots.
Madge said…
Good job Paula!!
Thanks for the mention Duf, any mention even if it's not honorable is good enough for me.
nonamedufus said…
Well, you wrote a pretty hilarious post that carried over into this week's comments. It ras velly, velly funny. It learry made me raff.

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