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Pause Ponder and Pie-Eyed

I'm disappointed in you guys this week. I thought a caption was so obvious and no one saw the resemblance between the pic and the TV show. My caption would have been:

Probie, Tony and Abby extend happy hour in an effort to recover from spending an afternoon witnessing Ducky at work in his autopsy lab.


Misunderstanding Ducky's inference, Abby invites Probie and Tony to the bar down the street after work for a Pabst test.

No? Hell I thought somebody would see the kinda resemblance between these yahoos and the characters from that top-rated show NCIS. Guess it was just me. Oh well. Mrs D does say I need glasses. Nevertheless we did have some top-rated puns this week:

And it looks like a NO from the judges of "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy"

Troy, Maurice and Britney take second place in the "Biggest Photo Cliche" contest, narrowly losing to Steve and Ted Franklin giving each other "bunny ears".

From right to left:
"Oh, geeze dude! You forgot to zip up!"
"Ooops, my bad."
"Hey, I'm not with these guys. Really."

Shit like this is why I don't go to bars anymore.

Happy Hour with staff from the Government Ethic's Commissioner's Office
(I think you have to be Canadian to appreciate this one but if you are it's pretty funny!)

But our winner this week had me spewing my Corona outta my nose when I read her caption:

Hearno, Seeno and Speakno, three of the Evil siblings are totally mortified to watch their older sister Fearno drunk, up on stage, showing off her ba donka donk while singing "I Like Big Butts"

Way to go Cheryl, girl. Congratulations. You be hangin' with the dufus this week. Maybe we could hit that club where Fearno shows of her ba donka donk? I'd be up for that. How about you? Are you buying?

Hey, I've noticed lately we have some new PPPers. I just want to welcome you all and encourage you to keep coming back. If you make it to this page of honourable mentions and winners I'm more than happy to promote your blog, if you have one, by providing a direct link under your caption. Until next time "skoal".


quirkyloon said…
What's NCIS?


That's ONE show I'm NOT hooked on. Why? Because I've never seen an entire eppy.

Too busy watching Law & Order. hee hee

And a big "way to go" to Cheryl for kicking butt and a little "way to go" to the honorable mentions for showing us their slices.

Which is NEVER as much as kicking butt.

hee hee
00dozo said…
Congrats Cheryl P!

And congrats to the other honourables.

Thanks for another mention, dufus! (Um, but I'm sure I typed "zip" it up.)

I was going to do an NCIS caption but I was rather late in submitting my entries this week. Oh, well.

nonamedufus said…
*Dun, Dun* Well, they've both got spin-offs, although Law and Order has more than I've ever seen. I think they should have a Law and Order: Killer Wit Unit version. How about you? *Dun, Dun*
nonamedufus said…
Of course you typed "zip". Look again. Are you wearing your new glasses?
Cheryl P. said…
Yeah, I be hangin' with the dufus. I would happy to go see the considerable talents of Fearno but the place got raided. Turns out they weren't licensed for dancers to expose their ba donka donks. Sure, I would have bought.

Thanks for the fun!!
To the other entries.... Darn you guys are funny.
nonamedufus said…
Aw, that's a shame. Bebsure and
00dozo said…
Yessiree, I am! Hey, I can edit, too, ya know.

Hell, I thought you just 'cut-n-paste' the submitted captions. Aww - it's nice to know you care enough to re-type each and every one of them. That's just so special.

Heh, heh.
nonamedufus said…
Oh I retype the captions and I go to each blog for your URL to make the link back! It's because I care about you guys.
K A B L O O E Y said…
HA! Kudos to Cheryl P.

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