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Pause Ponder and Primp

Boy, the heat in eastern Canada this week has been oppressive.  Simply sweltering.  But not as hot as the captions folks submitted this week. (Nice segue, eh?  What's a segue? Oh, about 37 pounds.)

PPP regular Moooooog at Mental Poo must have thought long and hard to came up with:

"Come in, Tokyo...come in...Tokyo..."

Daily commenter Don from Beyond Left Field was outstanding in his field with:

Crazy Daisy models the precursor to tin foil hats.

My good buddy 00dozo at When I Reach reached deep within to wow us with:

After numerous failed attempts to read their minds, men develop an early Woman-Wi-Fi prototype.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings finally woke up long enough to say:

Mark wasn't proud of his fetish.  But then, neither was Mary.

If you look at this week's picture carefully you'll notice the hairdresser has a tie.  What a coincidence!  So do we.  Our winners are Tgoette of Sophisticated Lunacy and KABLOOEY from - son of a gun her blog, oddly enough, is called KABLOOEY - with the following captions.


"We estimate the crow was doing about 100 mph when it hit your head. Thank God for Aqua Net."


Babs is smiling because she has the utmost confidence in Mr. Steven.  What she doesn't know is we've secretly replaced Mr. Steven's coffee with magic mushroom tea.

Way to go Tgoette and KABLOOEY.  You guys be hangin' with the dufus this week. Of course that and a dollar may not even get you a cup of coffee...let alone a magic mushroom tea!

Thanks everyone for playing along.  See you next week.  Same batty time.  Same batty channel.  And, hey, you drive-by gawkers, click on these folks' links.  They have some of the funniest blogs on the interwebs.  Show 'em the love.  After all, they don't get out much, as this pic from Phil's Phun demonstrates:


CatLadyLarew said…
I left my hut this week... always a dangerous thing! Congrats to the winners!
nonamedufus said…
CL: Boom-Boom Bwana back now?
00dozo said…
Congrats to the winners! Both are very funny captions.

Thanks for another honourable mention.
nonamedufus said…
00dozo: Great caption. I wonder if men will ever be able to read women's minds the way they seem to be able to read ours? Are we that transparent?
00dozo said…
Thanks, and look! It worked! You read my mind. Heh, heh.

(I wonder what a 37 pound segue looks like.)
Don said…
Thanks for the mention, and the misguided crow deserves kudos for a great caption. Poor, dumb bird.
nonamedufus said…
00dozo: Touché. Now don't confuse a segue with a Steinway. The latter is much, much heavier.
nonamedufus said…
Don: Are you talking about the crow or Tgoette when you say "poor, dumb bird"?
Anonymous said…
Congrats to the Kabloosters! And to Mr. T!

May the crows take them both!

hee hee
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: Between you and Don this is beginning to turn into an Alfred Hitchcock movie.
Tgoette said…
Awww, thank you again, Dufus! And thanks to all for their kind comments too! It's an honor to share this week's glorious award with KABLOOEY. I loved the magic mushroom tea caption! Very funny! Some very creative captions this week! It's comforting to be in the company of such twisted people, you know? I wonder if Tea Partiers feel like this?
nonamedufus said…
Tgoette: Watch out for Don. He thinks your a dumb bird! But congratulations!
Congrats to the winners! And thanks for the honorable mention! And, no, NoName, we'll never be able to read women's minds like they read ours. They will rule the world one day. Maybe they already do, in fact.
nonamedufus said…
MikeWJ:Scarey isn't it? It's like something out of a sci-fi movie. Of course, there's not much on our minds anyway as often evidenced by the exchange: She: What are you thinking? He: Nothing.

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