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Pearls Before Swine


Love the graph. That's pretty much is how I feel about this...although I've been wrong before.
DouglasDyer said…
I have been saying for YEARS not to trust that fucking bear. I mean, he doesn't even wear pants! Perv.
Anonymous said…

I love it! Especially the graph! Great finds and job Noname!

(And I see you're still trying to stump me with some oldies in the shout out box! Hmmph! *smile* I ain't stumped yet!)
nonamedufus said…
Mary: Yeah it's funny how the news media is now down-playing the seriousness, after ramping up everyone's anxiety levels.

Doug: Yeah and what about his buddy, Porky. Buda, buda, buda that'snot all folks!

Quirky: I'll get you again yet! Did you guess The Crystals?

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