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Adam and Eve on Facebook

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Expat From Hell said…
Priceless. You belong in a seminary somewhere. As a professor! Keep up the great work - I will be back again.

Mike said…
The dinosaur part was AWSOME!
Cool widget and way cool blog. Followed ya over here from blogger buddy Quirky Loon's blog. I'll be back. :)

The Old Silly
Lady Sarcasm said…
I've seen that before, veddy funny stuff! :)

Ironically my anti spam word for this comment is: rescu

think it's trying to say something to me? lmao
nonamedufus said…
Expat: Thanks! And you're my 40th follower (cue the baloons, streamers, confetti) Woo-hoo. Onward and upward.

Mike: It's well done, isn't it.

Marvin: Thanks for finding me. Any friend of Quirky's is a friend of mine!

Lady Sarcasm: You're beyond rescu! ;)

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