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Adam and Eve on Facebook

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Expat From Hell said…
Priceless. You belong in a seminary somewhere. As a professor! Keep up the great work - I will be back again.

Mike said…
The dinosaur part was AWSOME!
Anonymous said…
Cool widget and way cool blog. Followed ya over here from blogger buddy Quirky Loon's blog. I'll be back. :)

The Old Silly
Kelly Ann said…
I've seen that before, veddy funny stuff! :)

Ironically my anti spam word for this comment is: rescu

think it's trying to say something to me? lmao
nonamedufus said…
Expat: Thanks! And you're my 40th follower (cue the baloons, streamers, confetti) Woo-hoo. Onward and upward.

Mike: It's well done, isn't it.

Marvin: Thanks for finding me. Any friend of Quirky's is a friend of mine!

Lady Sarcasm: You're beyond rescu! ;)

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