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It's Towel Day!

Today's observance is a world-wide occasion to remember Douglas Adams, author of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a book which Adams referred to as a "trilogy in five parts", a radio series, a television series, a video game, a movie - well you get the idea concerning it's popularity. The first Towel Day occured in 2001 days after Adams' death. Here's a brief excerpt from H2G2, the BBC television series, explaining the Pangalactic Gargle Blaster...

And here's Douglas Adams in what is touted as his last interview.

Hope you're wearing your towel today!


Anonymous said…
Happy Towel Day!

Mine are freshly washed and dried, so I have many to choose from...thank goodness.

Never know when I might have to go galaxy hopping!

heh heh
ettarose said…
Never heard of towel day until I saw it on twitter. I am a pud cuz I think it is silly and I did not like the book or movie.
nipsy said…
Yet another holiday I was completely in the dark about. Now, in my own fashion of celebrating, I shall get out my towel and snap it at "the man".. yell "Happy Towel Day", and run like hell.. Of course, I'll also let him know it was all your idea.
Don said…
Hell, how did I miss that? Damn, I need to wake up! Happy Towel Day anyway...!
tobiano said…
Is this another holiday like Ohio's "Sweetest Day"? The one the card companies came up with, but only one state was foolish enough to follow along with?
nonamedufus said…
Quirky: Wow you're prepared!

ettarose: For me, H2G2 is one of the funniest things I've ever read. And the BBC TV series was superior to the film.

nipsy: I'm happy to have enightened you.

Don: I'm a full-service blog. Happy Towel Day.

Tobiano: Not at all. It's just a way for H2G2 geeks to honour it's creator once a year.
tobiano said…
Is this another holiday like Ohio's "Sweetest Day"? The one the card companies came up with, but only one state was foolish enough to follow along with?

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