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Lincoln Takes Off

Uh, nope not that one. I'm talking about the car that's named after him.

You know, car makers spend a bundle on advertising. It's surprising, perhaps, given their precarious financial situation that the advertising budgets of the Big 3 are so huge. Then again, I guess you have to spend money to make money and nothing drives (no pun intended) customers in like television ads.

Over the last couple of years Lincoln has run some smart, catchy ads. It's their, what I like to call, "take off" series of ads: black and white and cool music that hearkens us back to the early days of the space program while propelling us forward to the future of cars.

For example, first there was a Lincoln commercial featuring Cat Power doing David Bowie's Space Oddity...

Then it was Major Tom (Coming Home) by Shiny Toy Guns...

And finally it was Daft Punk doing Technologic...

I think these commercials are kinda cool. They always make me sit up and take notice when they come on. And this one's just for fun. It's not an ad, but it's about a Lincoln. It's Asleep At The Wheel doing Hot Rod Lincoln...


DouglasDyer said…
If the stimulus money is going towards Bowie covers, well that's just all right with me.
Trukindog said…
"Hot rod Lincoln" I love that song, on the rare occasion it comes on the radio I CRANK IT UP! I'll sit in a parkin lot and wait for it to finish before gettin out of the truck.
nonamedufus said…
Doug: I think someone at Lincoln's ad agency has a lot on the ball.

Trukindog: The first version I ever heard was Johnny Bond's in 1960. I loved it.

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