Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pause Ponder and Pun # 127

Bonus points to anyone who works a song by The Searchers into their caption this week.


KABLOOEY said...

George Takei had to resort to needles and pins every time Shatner's ego made his stress-induced hypertension to kick in.

Mike said...

Do not get into a fight with your acupuncturist. Trust this guy on that one.

Shawn said...

This is for the bonus points:
"Yeah, that's how it begins
She'll feel those needles and pins
a-hurtin her, a-hurtin her"

Nicky said...

Wow. What a prick.

Quirky Loon said...

*snort* I think Nicky just won the contest! *snort*

But I'll take a "stab" at it. Ahem.

Jackie Chan's brother: Pik Chan Mo.

Oh well. I tried. *smile*

00dozo said...

"Needles and Pins" didn't quite make the cut as a superhero character.

(Hey, it's all I could come up with.)

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